Article III Needs Specificity

Article III of the Constitution, the one dealing with judges, is short, only three sections and one defines treason. The other two are the only official guidance we have to determine how the courts should be constructed and judges confirmed. It does … [Read more...]

A Capitalist-Socialist Hybrid

August 14, 1935, a date that shall live in infamy. That is the date that the United States of America became a socialist country. If one is an advocate of hypodescent–one drop of blood legally classifying any mixed-race person to their minority p … [Read more...]

Ready, Set, Vote

Primary elections are over and now it’s time citizens go to work. Just in case you’ve been living in a tree, we have mid-term elections coming up in seven weeks. In our republic we like to say we get to choose our representatives. That isn’t exact … [Read more...]

The Invisible President

Invisible may seem an odd word when describing a man with his face on television, actions in headlines, and name on the tip of every tongue every day of every week. Sure, he is present at well attended rallies frequented by those who approve of this … [Read more...]

“America, love it or leave it.”

I see that quote on bumper stickers, tee-shirts, and hear it in America First and nationalist rants. They are generally complaining about immigrants or refugees who do not speak English well, don’t follow certain customs, wear “non-American” clothes, … [Read more...]

Prescription for a Small-Town Disaster

There is a casualty of Donald Trump’s tariff/tax increase and it may end up being an entire town. Poplar Bluff, a small, Missouri town, was thriving a year ago because the biggest business in town was selling its product, nails, all over the w … [Read more...]

Road Trip!

Mrs. Making-Sentences and I are on vacation. As we were in preparations, you know; donating the newspaper delivery to the local school, seeing that the cats are well cared for, putting a hold on the mail, and informing the neighbor it’s time to repay … [Read more...]

Established or not Established: That is the Question

The Declaration of Independence celebrated its 242nd birthday last week. The Fourth of July is always a fun day donning flag colors to fete our government and ourselves as a nation unique in the world. The party on the National Mall is prominent on … [Read more...]

Seekers Have a Right to Seek

Last time this column opened discussion about the immigrants already here (Congress Has Forgotten How to Say “Yes”, June 13). The other group, those who want to come here, have been in the news a lot in the last few weeks. Let me be clear about some b … [Read more...]

Congress Has Forgotten How to Say “Yes”

The United States is a country of immigrants. We are the only country founded on the ideas of freedom and inclusion. We must keep reminding ourselves because we are a long-time reaching those ideals. Being that unique country, it only makes sense … [Read more...]