Trump Leads ‘Peaceful Overthrow’ of Government

Trump's dominance in the GOP primary reflects the peaceful overthrow of the government in a revolution against the "ruling class," former 2016 presidential aspirant Mike Huckabee declared on Newsmax TV Saturday. During a hard-hitting and candid … [Read more...]

Political Elites Versus the Voters?

By: Frank Shannon It should be clear by now to even the most casual observer that this year’s election cycle is all about the trade deficit and outsourcing middle class jobs, which has devastated the middle class.  It is hard for even the most ar … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney – Hypocrite or just another politician?

By: Frank Shannon This past Thursday, Mitt Romney gave a passionate speech where he excoriated Donald Trump, calling him several names and warning a Trump presidency would be a disaster for America. This Romney stands in stark contrast to what … [Read more...]

Anti-Trump Tirade Damaging GOP’s 2016 Chances

It appears likely that Donald Trump may be the Republican Party’s nominee.   GOP establishment attempts to stop Trump at all cost may affect the general election by subverting the will of a large number of voters  including some new voters willing to … [Read more...]

Fair Trade Romp in New Hampshire

So Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won their respective New Hampshire primaries. BY: Ian Fletcher| February, 09 2016 From a fair-trade point-of-view, the news couldn't be better. However the Eccentric Billionaire from Queens and the Eccentric … [Read more...]

Bill Clinton’s Trade Legacy Is Hillary’s Burden Too

By: Kevin L. Kearns - January 11, 2016 Hillary Clinton recently asserted that Americans fare better economically under Democratic administrations than Republican ones. Campaign claims are always suspect. In this case, a lot depends on the … [Read more...]

Faraday Future Looks to Set Up Shop in North Las Vegas

Recently Faraday Future announced they will build a brand new, state-of-the-art automotive production plant in North Las Vegas.  North Las Vegas has expansive development space, an available workforce, an encouraging tax environment and relative … [Read more...]

Oil, War and the Future of Energy

Oil prices are plunging, and so is the cost of gasoline. While this is pleasant in the short term, on a longer time scale it carries considerable risks: war, recession and possibly a protracted energy crisis. We alluded to this in an earlier … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Linda Chavez: Renegotiating Trade Relations with China is NOT Isolationist

Linda Chavez is a syndicated writer and a former speech writer for Ronald Reagan.  Writing recently in “Town Hall” she claims that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are promoting isolationism.  She apparently believes that, in trade relations, the only two ch … [Read more...]

Battle Lines Drawn in Both Parties

As the 2016 campaigns move forward the battle lines are becoming quite clear if one is watching closely.  As always, the campaign(s) will be won on economic terms.  This year voters couldn’t have a clearer choice. The underlying theme that has mov … [Read more...]