Clinton’s Globalist Money Tree

By: Frank Shannon The Clintons have raked in millions of dollars from special interest groups including $325,000 from a group that pushed for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The National Association of Manufacturers, which paid Bill Clinton a … [Read more...]

What In The World Just Happened?

The presidential primary campaign is over for Republicans and for all intents and purposes ditto for Democrats. Whoa, there is a third party to consider! Enter Ex-Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson on the Libertarian Party ticket. The Republican … [Read more...]

The Issue is “Trade” – The Measure is “Jobs”

The Issue is “Trade” – The Measure is “Jobs” “The Donald” knows what he is talking about........ By: Frank Shannon The United States is rapidly becoming the first "post-industrial" nation on the globe.  Many great economic empires eventually be … [Read more...]

This Non-Ideological Election Cycle

One thing that has become clear about this election cycle is that the voters are sending a strong message that they are more concerned about the direction America is heading than whether the president is Democrat or Republican. Just think about … [Read more...]

Unifying/Reforming The Political Parties

In an October article last year entitled “A Conflict of Visions,” I outlined the healthy conflict of visions between Democrats and Republicans.  I also mentioned the very destructive conflict of visions within each party – Globalism v. Nation … [Read more...]

The Future of Our Political Parties

Some time ago I wrote a piece comparing our time with the middle 19th century, when the Republican Party was born. The Republican leaders’ astuteness in reading the nation’s mood and providing answers to the key issues led to their taking full con … [Read more...]

A Republican Revolution?

Back in June of 2014, I wrote about the obvious rift in the Republican Party.  Little did I know it would lead to what we have today – a political revolution. There are many cross currents that underlie the changes that are emerging within both Pa … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz Would Offshore More American Jobs

Trump Campaign Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller addressed Friday why immigration and trade are key issues in the Republican frontrunner’s campaign.  By: Matthew Wisner| March 18, 2016 |Fox Business] “Well, there is very little right about ou … [Read more...]

Ending China’s Currency Manipulation

By: Donald Trump | November 9, 2015 | Wall Street Journal If we are to make America great again, we must do all we can to make sure that American interests are protected and that all Americans benefit from the actions of their government. Sadly, … [Read more...]

Trump and Sanders Were Inevitable

There were, in retrospect, clear signs of what was to come—signs that if Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders did not appear on the scene, someone else like them would have. We’ve had decades of forewarnings as the top income earners —the “one percent … [Read more...]