Tax Reform & a Manufacturing Renaissance

Americans - and only Americans - are double taxed when selling overseas. Foreign countries have reduced tariffs but replaced them with consumption taxes on imports as trade liberalization has proceeded.  Chinese, Mexican and other countries' … [Read more...]

Energy a National Imperative

Energy is the biggest issue we, as a nation, face in the long term.  It is also an issue that, with proper leadership, could unite the nation and provide some common ground for both political parties. The huge rise in our living standard since the … [Read more...]

How to grow the economy

The voters’ biggest issue in November is likely to be the economy. Neither party has developed a solution to the current slow growth/stagnation. Officially GDP growth is somewhere around 2% per year. For a large portion of the population, desperately … [Read more...]

Jobs & the Economy: Bundy v. BLM Illustrates Nation’s Problems

Our Founding Fathers were wise to establish a nation that can only be ruled by a consensus of citizens, in common agreement over goals and means.  This is not the same as compromise, or the abandonment of principle for the sake of cooperation. … [Read more...]