Government by the People

Throughout the country there is a deep and growing dissatisfaction with government, particularly at the federal level. Crises go unanswered, policy is adrift and the economy is shaky. The president is either fundraising or playing golf. The Congress … [Read more...]

Is China Colonizing America?

The Chinese economy has a voracious appetite for resources - timber, iron ore, diamonds, copper, oil, rare earth elements and other raw materials needed for China’s industries. China is obtaining these resources from all over the planet, mainly A … [Read more...]

The 20% Recovery

“Economy grows....stock market tanks!” Wednesday, July 30th, the first estimate for second quarter GDP came out. Between May and June the U.S. Gross Domestic Product was said to have grown at a 4% annual rate, the best in a decade. Normally such ne … [Read more...]

2014: America at a Crossroad…again

America is once again at a crossroad.  There is no way to improve our economic situation and job creation without policy changes in Washington.  With the current gridlock and distrust in DC, changes are very unlikely.  Since America can only be go … [Read more...]

1854: The United States at a Crossroads

In the late 1840’s and early 1850’s the United States faced two sets of choices. The first set, and the one public opinion most focused on, was ideological: slavery versus abolition. The northern abolitionists demanded an immediate end of slavery, … [Read more...]

The First Amendment makes us Different

The First Amendment to the Constitution forbids “the establishment of religion”. Such “establishment” was common in 18th century Europe. The “established” faith was the one the sovereign had chosen, and was therefore favored and supported by the st … [Read more...]

The Republican Dilemma…..Wall Street vs. Main Street

We've all heard comments about what is wrong with the Republican Party: it’s a circular firing squad; there’s an internal fight for the soul of the party, etc. Republicans have been putting candidates up for national office that are too far right f … [Read more...]

The Currency War…….we’re losing!

Several Republicans at this year’s CPAC conference called for the Republican Party to return to Reagan policies and principles.  There is one Reagan policy that our nation sorely needs. Even cursory evaluation of economic data and the substance of … [Read more...]

The Great “Climate Disruption” Fallacy

The latest twist in the political and ideological wars is “climate disruption” – the notion that carbon dioxide (CO2) from the burning of fossil fuels is “disrupting” global climate, with a variety of disasters as consequence.  Here are a few basic fa … [Read more...]

Democrats and Republicans are Both Right…sort of.

Special to the MLN  Free Trade is touted by many Republicans as God’s answer to global trade stability and market based economics; and is decried by many Democrats as being God’s curse on global trade! Who is right? In truth they both are … [Read more...]