The lives and hard times of dogs: How to keep your pet out of the slammer

Mesquite is nothing if not a pet lover’s town; from Great Danes to Chihuahuas to everything else in between (not to mention cats, fish, and other more exotic pets). Given the great love so many of us have for our pets, I thought few words on keeping o … [Read more...]

Don’t Let a Timeshare Become a Trap

Timeshares are an extremely common form of property ownership in Nevada, which is not surprising given how important tourism and vacations are to Nevada’s economy. For some people, timeshares can be an excellent vacation option; however, for others t … [Read more...]

Alimony, Child Support, and What they Mean for Divorcing Parties

From time to time individuals will decide they need to divorce. Although it’s never a happy occasion, knowing as much as possible about the laws governing divorce can make a difficult process as easy as possible. Once question most divorce clients h … [Read more...]

Can I Leave it All to Fido? Caring For Your Pet After You’re Gone

By Clifford Gravett Esq. Perhaps it is a sign of the changing times, but more and more people are interested in making sure their pets are taken care of after their death. Although there are a few very high profile cases where very wealthy people … [Read more...]

So You’re Lending Money to a Friend?

A Few Suggestions There’s an old saying that before lending money to a friend, you should consider which is more important to you, the money or the friend because you’re going to be losing one or the other. Many—if not all—of us have at one time or … [Read more...]

Rules of the Road: Everything You’ve Always Wondered But Been Too Afraid To Ask

Driving a car is as American as apple pie (or perhaps even more so since the apple pie is a Dutch dessert and everyone knows all great cars are invented and made in the United States!). It is no surprise then that the most criminal thing most of us … [Read more...]

Sealing Criminal Records: A Primer

What’s the one thing that could last longer than your college loans? How about the reckless endangerment conviction you received during college when you were caught trying to make a free throw shot, with a watermelon, from a moving vehicle, at 2 A … [Read more...]

You’ve Received a Criminal Charge, Now What?

The vast majority of the residents of this fine valley we call home are excellent and upstanding citizens. Nonetheless, for various reasons, many of us from time to time will receive a citation (or “ticket”) from the police for offenses ranging from m … [Read more...]


Nevada is perhaps the best state in America at devising ways to separate you from your hard-earned dough. As Jack Yelton observed, “There is a very easy way to return from a casino with a small fortune: go there with a large one.” Luckily, however, ot … [Read more...]

The Basics of Bankruptcy

In my last article I wrote about creditor priorities and how the order in which creditors are paid can and should inform your decision to pay debts when there isn’t enough cash to pay them all. Knowing creditor preference can be useful in negotiating … [Read more...]