The Edge of Teeth

 There are a few things that set my teeth on edge. Wait what exactly does that mean? Set your teeth on edge. To me it means something that makes me all squiggly and my mouth contorts because I just can’t hardly take the sight, sound or smell of so … [Read more...]

A Calendar with Doors

We have an advent calendar. It’s cute and means Christmas is nearing. It has the required 25 little doors. One to open each day from December 1 all the way up to the Big Day, December 25th. Behind each door there is a little surprise and each one has … [Read more...]

Problems with Nails

Do you know what carpenters say when you go to pound in a nail and it bends over before you get it all the way pounded in? Snidely you might hear, “Hey what’s the matter, is the wind blowing?” Meaning the wind blew the nail over. That has got to be so … [Read more...]

Ever Been Googled?

 We all get them. The phone calls. The robot calls. The mind numbing calls that bring you to the edge of the cliff. The ones that come during dinner or at the exact time you are up to your eyeballs in making lunches and pouring cereal in the … [Read more...]

Water, Water for Everyone!

 Are you, like me, in awe of someone who can tout and expand on the special effects of a list as long as your arm of vitamins and minerals and supplements? Fish oil, glucosamine, magnesium, vitamin XYZ. The only one I know about is Vitamin C and that … [Read more...]

Just Pick One!

Sometimes I think if I have to make one more choice I’m going to melt into a puddle of goo. Do I really have to know the best detergent to use? I’m tired of deciding which soda to drink so much so that I have started to drink some kind of instant fru … [Read more...]

Life Changes Us All

 We sit in the back row at church. No real reason for this. It just happens that way. So the back of my head of hair has not been an issue—until now.                  I was drying my hair after a shower and I happened to see what I thought was a lo … [Read more...]

Watch Yourself

You know when you fall down or trip on your own feet you can feel the eyes of those around you are upon you? How do you know that? Is it because when someone around you falls down or trips on their own feet that you are watching them? Well not on … [Read more...]

Flying Spiders

  We find ourselves flowing into another season. It’s fall, autumn, post summer, pre-winter. So many things happen this time of year. Not that there are more or less things happening as compared to spring, but just different things. Like watching the … [Read more...]

Listing Everything

 Have you seen the ads on TV for a new refrigerator that you can use to make your grocery list? Then at the store you just call up your fridge on your phone and voila there is your grocery list. I’m not sure I want to give my refrigerator that power. … [Read more...]