Skipping a Beat

 I was standing at the back in of my car when I realized it wasn’t my car and I had no idea where my car was then a feeling of panic rose up through my innards and my heart skipped a beat. That ever happen to you?                   See we were leavi … [Read more...]


Here we go again. Falling into fall. There are two ways to go here. Upbeat and ready for cooler weather, county fairs, hunting, fall colors, Indian summer. Or down beat, sad to see summer waning, shorter days, looming winter, and back to school. Tell … [Read more...]

A Masterpiece

We have a screech owl that has taken up residence in our trees. I was in the house and could hear this new noise outside the front door. It was quiet-then the air was pierced with this garbled skeeereech. A half a minute passed and it came again. And … [Read more...]

Share During an Eclipse

Do you know the story of Chicken Little? She ran around in the rain hollering that the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Oh what shall we all do if the sky is falling? More over what shall we do if say an eclipse is coming?                   Well … [Read more...]

Talking Trash

   Let’s talk some trash. Not trash talk like sports teams talk trash about other sports teams. I mean real trash. Garbage, litter, rubbish. Here we go…                   In your house you probably have a trash container somewhere in the kitchen are … [Read more...]

A Thief in the Outhouse

   I was recently on another trip to the big city for doctor appointments. On the road as per usual there was need to stop and, well in Nevada terms, rest. At a pit stop along the way. This one, gratefully had a full-fledged outhouse to, well, re … [Read more...]

Hey! That’s My Job

 I recently saw a man giving a manicure to a woman. Then as I was driving down a street I saw a woman mowing a lawn in front of a business. What was wrong with these two things?                   I know what you are thinking, but you wouldn’t be ri … [Read more...]

The Follower

There is something following me around inside of my house. It’s my stationary bike.                   I leave it in a room where I think it will be the perfect place for me to ride my uh, you-know-what into tiny-hood. Then after some time that place … [Read more...]


  Niche is one of those words that, to my liking, is spelled wrong. Shouldn’t it be “nitch?” Like stitch or switch or, well you get the idea. But no, it is niche. It means a little something that enhances a bigger something. Or something like that. … [Read more...]

Drinking In Summer

 Summer is rolling across our paths with all its pleasures, like a cinnamon roll unrolling across your plate leaving a trail of gooey goodness to gather on your fingers and lap up until every drop of sunshine and sugary satisfaction is enjoyed. Oh, … [Read more...]