99 Contests

Winner, winner chicken dinner. In the same way con men bark out hope to get you to part with your hard earned cash, contests have the ability to turn sane people into wild eyed hopeful little children just itching to give up a piece of yourself to … [Read more...]

Instant Gratification

Since winter is on the horizon let me say that I kind of like to shovel snow. Not deep snow, then the shoveling becomes work. Just light snow.  The line from light snow to deep snow to me is set at about four inches.  Over four inches and it is more w … [Read more...]

When Surgery Comes Knocking

If for some happy reason some sort of surgery has not come knocking at your door, hurray for you and your household. But alas for many of us that knock has come at least once, some more times than we can or want to remember. I have found it is all in … [Read more...]

Spur of the Moment

While dallying in a yet another sporting good section of a store, (for some unexplained reason there are forces at work that pull men from the clothing section to sporting goods), my other half decided to test me.  He snickered and turned to hand me a … [Read more...]

The Optimist in Me

There are two sides of a coin, we all know that.  There are two sides of a story, we all know that too.  Then there are two ways to look at things.  The optimistic way and the pessimistic way. I am an eternal optimist, leaving the hand wringing, me oh … [Read more...]

Just Desserts

Quick!  What is your favorite dessert?  Not desert, which could be the Sahara Desert, Great Basin Desert or Antarctica Desert.  Yes, there is an Antarctica Desert, and it is the largest desert in the world.  Weird huh? But now back to desserts.  The s … [Read more...]

Vacuum What?

While it is not unheard of in our abode to skip a week, maybe a week and a half, okay two weeks, of vacuuming the carpet, what has been unheard of, up until the other day, is using the vacuum outside on the… Well let me start at the b … [Read more...]

Thanks For Asking…

The people who want to hear about your medical aches and pains are few and far between.  This is an important thing to remember when you are asked, “How are you?” Unless of course it is your doctor asking the question.  But in reality, “How are you?”, … [Read more...]

The Standard Transmission

Driver’s Education.  Words that would make the heart of a 15 year old jump with joy and fear at the same time.  That is when it was offered in school.  Now, I must admit, since Drivers Ed. is no longer a course in many schools, I do not know how young … [Read more...]

Picture This

I do not take pictures. Cameras and I, whether as actual cameras or in phones, on tablets, I-pads or any other configuration of picture taking, do not get along well.  My husband takes pictures--of things.  Since I do not take pictures I know I s … [Read more...]