Eggs in the Grass

What a wonderment it is to find a bird nest.  Usually they are found in the fall, after the leaves have been blown off trees and all that is left if an empty nest with a ring of bird poo around the rim from the little birdies that were hatched, fed a … [Read more...]

Hominy and Artichokes

Would you believe that I had never tasted sour cream until I was 21? Really. I was under the notion that sour cream was just that, sour, cream. Why would anyone want to slather a nice baked potato with some disgusting blob of a sour emulsion? Yuck. … [Read more...]

Don’t Touch

There is a commercial on television of late where what presumably is a zoo keeper shown throwing meat to lions. Big lions. The kind of lions that make me think, “If they didn’t have claws I would really like to touch them.” But alas they do have claws … [Read more...]

Can and Can’t Friends

I can’t strike a match on the back of the thigh of my Levis or light one with my thumbnail. I can’t spit, not a drop or a pit or a watermelon seed without needing a drool bucket. My, “I can’t” list is long and actually quite impressive. I can’t saw a … [Read more...]

Ya, but…

Right after we grow out of the irritating age of saying “Why” to the answer of a question or explanation of the reason something is the way it is, the next step is to respond with, “Ya, but…”  This answer goes way beyond just plain old why.  It moves … [Read more...]

Midnight Ride

A sure sign of spring around here is that the ground squirrels are up and running. Scampering to and fro with mouths full of new greenery.  Pesky little brown mischief makers that bring out the hunter in what are usually calm clear headed farmers, wi … [Read more...]

A Gray Area

I mentioned to a gal that her new hair style was very flattering to her face.  She seemed to really appreciate that I noticed. Then she says to me that she liked the highlights I had put in my hair too.  Well I said thanks but those aren’t highl … [Read more...]

A Barrel of Crackers

I try my best to let gossip pass through my delicate little ears without stopping. I want to know if someone is sick or going through a rough time so that I might be able to do something to help. Send a card, make a casserole… But to whisper and c … [Read more...]

A Drawer of Drawers

I wonder who will be the poor sap that has to go through my underwear drawer when I’ve (queue the spooky music) gone to the other side! More and more, as I become let’s just say mature in numbers, but never in personality, I look at my collection of g … [Read more...]

Escape or Escapade

If you have never wanted to escape to a warm beach, feel the sand between your toes, drink some fruity drink with an umbrella in it while listening and watching wave after wave rolling in causing that line of foam and deposits of seashells and pieces … [Read more...]