A Box Of Rocks

I can still reach my toes in the morning.  Might have to coax my back into bending all that way by testing it a few times, but eventually the tips of my fingers and my toes say hi to each other and then they just become distant relatives until the n … [Read more...]

Chocolate Covered Bacon

I thought about keeping you on the edge of your seat before I named the dish my husband wanted to make and take to a potluck/surprise baby shower we recently attended. But there is no way to fit chocolate covered bacon into a little story without … [Read more...]

Line Up

Remember thinking, when you were young, how cool it was going to be when you were grown up? All those things you would finally get to do. Drive. Stay out late. Get up when you wanted? Well, be careful what you wish for my young friends. For as you … [Read more...]

The Brush Off

No this isn’t about being brushed off by someone you meet at a party or social event.  That one person that has their nose turned up so far that if they were to get caught in a rain storm they would drown. (Go ahead get a visual, I’ll wait.) This is m … [Read more...]

Not Wrinkles: Crinkles

What would you say to a lady who did not smile for twelve years so that her face would not begin to wrinkle?  Me, I would say, “Wow your face looks good but your body is a mess!”  Not really, I probably would think it though.  I don’t remember achievi … [Read more...]


I can honestly say I never wanted to run away and join the circus.  I have never been to a circus so I have just the TV appearance of what a circus is and the appeal was never there for me to become circus personnel.  Apparently though there are qui … [Read more...]


You can feel something but not put your finger on it.  You don’t hear anything. You don’t see anything out of the norm, but there is just—something is askew.  That’s intuition tapping at you. In my lifetime I can recall just two really pronounced e … [Read more...]

A Tattletale Tale

My car is the biggest tattletale.  I thought only children were tattletales.  Running home as fast as possible to report to the first grown up they cross paths with that little Trina traded here oh so nutritious tuna sandwich for a pack of cinnamon be … [Read more...]

Tools of the Kitchen

If I had a hammer… (Go on try to get that song out of your head today.) Actually I do have a hammer. This particular hammer is mine. I use it for my things. It is my kitchen hammer. Now on with the story. In the past I have written about Fibber D … [Read more...]

The Straw Pole

What does it say about me that I know which fast food place has the best straws? There are the ones with those skinny straws. No good. You have to use too much suck to get the liquid down your gullet. There are the ones that have not yet learned to … [Read more...]