About Planning

Planning takes, well, planning.  Some people are born planners. Off the cuff someone says we should have a family reunion and the planner of the family steps forward with a remarkable list of ideas and plans.  The time, the place, the dates, the foo … [Read more...]

The Shoe Pit

The need for new shoes becomes apparent when your shoes become just a tad too comfortable. Yes there is a built in design in shoes, that when you start to wear them as not only your work shoes but your go out to dinner shoes, go to church shoes or go … [Read more...]


I make no secret of the fact that I do not like bugs.  Crawling, slithering, hopping, flying, makes no difference.  I am not a bug person.  So when I was the new kid in grade school and a girl asked me, “What is that bug on your shoulder?,” I went a l … [Read more...]

Reasons vs. Excuses for Teenagers

I try not to generalize. You know, use the words everyone, always or never in describing the latest central point in any current tirade that is the front runner of the conversation I may be embroiled in. A-hem, however, yes however, in trying to get … [Read more...]


Lots of years ago I had a sourdough starter that I dutifully kept alive and happy in my refrigerator. I would pull out that yellow plastic container every so often, bake something, and then feed my starter as per the instructions I was given by … [Read more...]


Recently a tragic event happened to my niece and her family.  Their house burned down.  They are all fine, but they lost everything that was in their house.  She encapsulated the event by telling me that she felt like a non-person.  She said that a fe … [Read more...]

Learning, Always Learning

My dad played the drums. A little known fact that even my brother didn’t know until recently when we were talking about cleaning out junk in our respective houses. I mentioned that I had the drum sticks that dad had given me. I remember it pretty c … [Read more...]

Two New Numbers

My poor calendar is wrought with hen scratches and marks of things to do, things that have been done and things that I should have done but the window for doing them slammed shut before I got the tasks done. I only use a pencil because just as sure … [Read more...]

A Serial Gum Dropper

Seems that we have in our midst someone who is taking pleasure in spitting their chewed gum on the sidewalks of our town.  Yes as you go hither and yon beware, we have a serial gum dropper. It is not out of the ordinary to say hello to someone w … [Read more...]

Eggs in the Grass

What a wonderment it is to find a bird nest.  Usually they are found in the fall, after the leaves have been blown off trees and all that is left if an empty nest with a ring of bird poo around the rim from the little birdies that were hatched, fed a … [Read more...]