What an Idea!

 I now have a much clearer idea of why some people carry small tablets or notebooks and a pen around with them daily. In cleaning out several boxes, book shelves, desk drawers, bins and bags this past year I’ve come across a treasure trove of the … [Read more...]

Horse Apples

   I feel very lucky to live where I do. I walk each day. Two or three miles depending on the amount of caffeine on board that tells my legs how far I can go and get back home before I need to have a couch under me! On my walks I can go any one of … [Read more...]

The Wind-Up

  More times than I can count I want to start a column with, “Picture this!” But that line is used very often and I don’t want to be cliché. So try as I might I come up with some other remarkably catchy lines. But today I just have to say, “Picture … [Read more...]


 I have a favorite…fill in the blank. Color, actor, song, tree, bubble gum? Yesterday I noticed in the Halloween candy isle everyone has a favorite candy. It was really fun watching people choosing candy—to give away. Wink, wink. Is this the start of … [Read more...]

The Question Is…

 Can every conversation begin with a question? What if they were? Would communications be possible at all? Could you actually have a normal, whatever normal is, a normal conversation? Can every statement be turned into a question? Conversely can … [Read more...]

Heat Seeker

I try not to generalize because generally not everyone will fit into a generalization, uh, generally. However—you thought I was going to slip in a “but” here didn’t you? Well generally I would, but today I felt a bit however-ish.  Let’s see how … [Read more...]

Sun Seen

   When you plan a road trip here is a tip. Leave early in the morning. Really early. Like just before the sun comes up early. The driving that early is great. It is a little cooler, the traffic is usually light. Seeing the sunrise is such a spirit … [Read more...]

The Brush Off

 There was a time when men used something called Butch Wax in their hair. It was this pinkish wax that was put on with a plastic rectangular brush that was held in the palm of a hand. It made buzz cut, flat top hair stand up to hurricane force winds … [Read more...]

The Microwave

  If you have been on Mother Earth for more than let’s say fifty years you may remember when microwave ovens were a new thing. I still have no idea how a microwave oven works. Of course I still don’t know how my father could make a long string and … [Read more...]

I am a Statistic

 A statistic, statistically speaking is one of a collection of quantitative data. Yep that’s me, a Labor Day holiday statistic. I have heard statistics spewed out by statisticians. You know. Two percent of the population control ninety eight percent … [Read more...]