I’m Losing My Marbles

On the hot, summer afternoon I learned a novel way to keep priorities straight.  I was playing marbles in the front while Daddy’s mother and a couple of my aunts sat talking the front porch. One of my aunts remarked, “Seeing those kids play marbles re … [Read more...]

I Wish Someone Had Told Me

As a rule, even when communicating unpleasant information, Southern ladies use words that are as sweet as the tea they sip on the front porch. My grandma, however, believed that the most effective way to communicate unpleasant news was by speaking … [Read more...]

The Truth About Grandmas

Poets often wax nostalgic about Grannies sitting on the front porch bragging about their grandkids. However, anytime my maternal grandmother bragged or said something nice, it was a safe bet that she wasn’t talking about her grandkids. She only spoke … [Read more...]

Be Engaged in Life

Following the death of her 47 year old daughter, a former employee of my deceased husband sent me a letter and near the end of it she wrote:   “Vern was a wonderful boss and my hero.  He paid attention to me whether I was talking about work or non- wo … [Read more...]