Is That a Word?

On hot Mesquite afternoons, I will sometimes opt to forego sipping sweet tea on my patio and gazing at Flat-top Mesa in favor of working at my PC in my nice cool office.  Until a few weeks ago, I referred to this activity doing a little wordsmithing. … [Read more...]


Seriousness makes one dull and dry. It feeds the ego and is an unnecessary burden that many of us bare.   Once upon a time I was a happy, carefree person who faced life with confidence and joy. I was a fun person.  Yet, I recently glanced in the m … [Read more...]


At a few low points in my life, I’ve been sorely tempted to throw up my hands and shout, “I give up”.  Instead of doing that, I usually grab a glass of sweet tea, sit on my back patio and recall one of Granny’s long ago lessons. When I was growing up, … [Read more...]

I’m a What?

I’m not known for my grace of movement. Nonetheless, I was surprised when I managed to take a tumble down an up escalator at an airport.  The escalator lurched, I grabbed the telescoping handle of my wheeled suitcase, it telescoped down and I fo … [Read more...]

Drugs Changed My Life

It is often said that life was simpler when folks spent more time on the front porch and there was no drug problem.  I agree that life sure seemed simpler when I was spending time on the front porches of my youth.  However, I don’t agree that there wa … [Read more...]

Too Much Political Correctness

Thank God being politically correct had no place on the front porches of my youth.  Folks pretty much spoke their mind and teasing was viewed as a token of friendship and a way to show affection.  Folks seldom took the time to tease those who were n … [Read more...]

True Romance

It is neither random nor accidental that stores begin filling their shelves with red and pink hearts, fluffy stuffed animals, all manner of provocative and suggestive undergarments, boxes of chocolates, and candy hearts inscribed with cutesy little … [Read more...]

Who Do You See In The Mirror?

Grandma wore her long hair braided at the back of her head, with the braid coiled around itself to create a bun at the nape of her neck.  The bun was normally unadorned and kept in place by a few plain hair pins.  But, on special occasions, she would … [Read more...]

A Gem at Wal-Mart

When I was a child there was a gentleman in our neighborhood who always took the time to say a cheery hello to the children, share a smile and a friendly greeting for his peers and, do light yard work or other acts of kindness for the elderly.  The … [Read more...]


On the front porches of my youth, the following bits of wisdom were often shared:  (1) Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and daring, and … [Read more...]