Strut Your Stuff

During 1950’s and 1960’s, every school south of the Mason/Dixon Line dreamed of receiving an invitation to march in New Orleans Mardi Gras parades and compete for the Best of the Bands award and accompanying trophy that Mardi Gras officials presented … [Read more...]

Puppy Love

Columnist Note:  My apologies to Morris Workman for ignoring his rule regarding not using data that can’t be properly sourced.      During my youth, I heard the same tale many times, on many different front porches and each time the person telling … [Read more...]

Mama and the Gator

“Can You Top This” was a front porch game of my youth.  In this game, a person told a story in which one of their relatives was the hero/heroine.  Each person would try to top the other person’s story and show their kin as prettier, braver or wiser th … [Read more...]

Yes, It Is About Race

I’m alarmed by the increasing number of politicians, educators, clergy, business leaders, and average Joe’s and Jane’s who accuse each other of racism. These same folks are quick to state “it’s not about race” even before anyone challenges one of thei … [Read more...]


For many years I stressed over being normal.  As a teen-ager, I was often at odds with my parents’ and society’s standards of normal. I spent hours sitting on the front porch wondering if I would ever conform to their standards. I didn’t do anything t … [Read more...]

Get Real

“Lean too much on other people’s approval and it becomes a bed of thorns.” ~Tehyi Hsieh I was shocked when a friend of mine told me that she doesn’t reveal her ‘real’ self in public because gaining peer approval and maintaining a good public image … [Read more...]

Self Perception

Recently, I hit a rough patch of life that caused me feel insecure.  As a result of this situation, my usually upbeat self perception became very negative.  In the process of sorting out my emotions, I recalled experiencing these same emotions when I … [Read more...]

In Good Hands

When most folks hear the phrase “In Good Hands”, they think of Allstate Insurance.  I, on the other hand (pun intended), always think of my Daddy and his hands. My Daddy was a talented inventor who earned over 150 patents in his lifetime.  He was a … [Read more...]

Create a Path

“Your decision to walk creates the path ahead.” -Paulo Coelho I have discovered that life is less stressful when I begin each day slowly and walk through it one step at a time. When I fail to do this, the issues of the day walk all over me, leave m … [Read more...]

Your Attention Please

Where your attention goes – you follow. - Unknown I grew up with a very clumsy kid named Jimmy.  From the time Jimmy left the crib and began toddling around the neighborhood, front porch sitters commented on his clumsiness:  “Jimmy can’t go two ste … [Read more...]