City’s financial future requires a lot of work

A number of issues will probably be facing Mesquite in the coming years. Foremost, at least as I see it, will be economic development that is necessary to balance business, population growth, our demographics and the quality of life our residents and … [Read more...]

Mayor answers Medical Marijuana questions

This month I have put together some questions and answers about medical marijuana.  The answers are from legal opinions issued by legal experts in Las Vegas.  Of course, it’s rare to get lawyers to agree on legal issues, so don’t accept these as the f … [Read more...]

How much time does public service take? As much as you can give…

[Editor’s note: Mayor Litman has agreed to run a monthly column with the Mesquite Local News to assist in answering questions and concerns the community may have. You may submit questions to Mayor Litman by emailing him at or b … [Read more...]