New Security Measures for 2018 (Real ID Act)

The New Year will be bringing new security measures with the Real ID Act, which DHS (Department of Homeland Security) announced in December of 2013; new minimum standards for drivers’ licenses and identifications for the purposes of accessing Federal … [Read more...]

Abuse of Handicap Plates & Placards

Finding an open handicap parking spot isn’t always easy today, especially at medical facilities, such as Hospitals and in retirement communities. A disabled plate among retirees in warmer climates are at an all-time high, and has been a little f … [Read more...]

House Stealing

(Sophisticated Scams and What you need to Know)   Scammers and Identity theft continue to torment citizens across the U.S., and apparently some of them are no longer content with a few thousand dollars off your credit cards, so they’ve c … [Read more...]

Helping Texas Flood Victims

Hurricane Harvey made its landfall this past weekend in the big state of Texas, and will continue with torrential downpours throughout the coming week. It is said that the rivers will crest to an excess of 3 feet above, with nowhere to go. Flooding … [Read more...]

Eliminating Unwanted Phone Calls

  Waiting for an important phone call isn’t easy today, as most of us experience unwanted calls. The phone rings and you don’t recognize the number, so do you pick it up? Most likely it’s a robocall; automated call which delivers a message, ty … [Read more...]

It’s Time for a Siesta

Summer will be coming to a close soon; the kids are returning to school, depending where you reside, and adults will be looking forward to some quieter times. Weekends will remain busy, and before you know it…holidays will be fast approaching. That’s … [Read more...]

Return Policies and What You Need to Know

Shoppers today should take heed when making a decision for that final purchase(s); whether it’s a retail purchase or something from the grocery store, check out their policy in the event you need an exchange or refund. Most retailers have refund p … [Read more...]

Airlines and Problematic Passengers

Airlines today have taken a beating from its passengers, and it all started months ago when a passenger videoed a doctor being dragged off a plane. Granted, something like that should have never taken place, nor should other people video acts of … [Read more...]

How Dress Attire has changed

In our ever changing society, what was once considered formal or elegant attire is now more relaxed in the world of dining. Dress codes in finer establishments continue to be a challenge for business owners.  Many have a misconception when it comes … [Read more...]

An Inside View of Tipping

  Tipping has been around for centuries, but in the 1960’s Congress made a decision regarding wages for wait staff considering tips were a large portion of their salary. The harsh truth is…it’s become mandatory in a service industry that’s evo … [Read more...]