Shrinking Packages on Store Shelves

A trip to the grocery store can be time consuming, especially if you’re comparing prices in order to cut back on your budget. However, when it comes to comparison…we aren’t the only ones cutting back. Products on store shelves have been shrinking for … [Read more...]

Game Shows and the Lack of Female Presence

I’m interested in this subject because I’m a huge fan of older game shows; in fact the channel I love to watch occasionally is Buzzr. This channel plays game shows from the 70’s to 80’s era, and I enjoy the laughter and the comradery these people had … [Read more...]

A Word about Food

Summer is here, so this means that many of us will plan outdoor festivities with food and drinks. Grocery shopping becomes a little challenging when we know that the food will be exposed to air for a period of time, so beginning with storing the food … [Read more...]

My Thoughts on Small Cars

Filling up your gas tank these days can be painful at the pump, but for those who own smaller vehicles…well, they don’t feel the sting quite as much. It’s true that smaller cars get better gas mileage, but the larger ones offer more comfort and comes … [Read more...]

Trying to Find Peace in a World of Violence

The streets of America are filled with violence every day; even suburban neighborhoods are being targeted. Turning on the television is sometimes like entering a dark room while feeling anxious, expecting the unexpected…never knowing if ‘Breaking … [Read more...]

Remembering Photo Booths

Growing up without cells phones had its advantages; free time without interruptions or distractions and a lot of spontaneous fun. I say this because that’s exactly what we had…fun. Back in those days many of us would cruise the local malls with … [Read more...]

Movie Theater Etiquette

Catching a movie at the theater can be expensive today, but it hasn’t stopped true movie lovers from attending. The experience is hard to match when it comes to screen size and sound. Some larger corporations have upped the ante, knowing that movie … [Read more...]

Lacking Human Contact

Ask anybody about their thoughts regarding customer service today, whether it’s in a store, in a restaurant or on the phone…most of us would agree it’s lacking in most areas. There are kiosks in stores and malls, and self-checkouts in big box … [Read more...]

Dangers Looming at the Border

Border Patrol Agents have been ramping up at U.S. Borders, including the National Guard troops, but for those working the San Diego borders today…it looks like it’s going to be a long hall. Currently there are hundreds of migrants wanting asylum … [Read more...]

A Brief Look at Hair Color

Throughout our lives our bodies change, including the texture of our skin and even our hair, but what about those grey hairs that seem to age us, making some people appear older than they are…or even feel; thank goodness for hair dyes. Most people I … [Read more...]