Dangers Looming at the Border

Border Patrol Agents have been ramping up at U.S. Borders, including the National Guard troops, but for those working the San Diego borders today…it looks like it’s going to be a long hall. Currently there are hundreds of migrants wanting asylum her … [Read more...]

A Brief Look at Hair Color

Throughout our lives our bodies change, including the texture of our skin and even our hair, but what about those grey hairs that seem to age us, making some people appear older than they are…or even feel; thank goodness for hair dyes. Most people I k … [Read more...]

Hotels and Non-Smoking Rooms

The travel Industry is preparing for their busy season, and folks have begun planning for vacations, beginning with transportation to finalizing decisions of where to stay; researching these things can be a tedious task and even challenging when … [Read more...]

Public Pool Etiquette For The Summer

Spring break arrived earlier this month, and public pools (in the West & South) are open for business, while colder climates prepare for theirs next month…so let’s begin with some manners in and around the pool areas. Etiquette seems to be lac … [Read more...]

Making Life Simpler with Love

Every day is a new beginning, yet some don’t look at it this way. Mondays are usually considered the start of a new week and come quickly, as most usually begin work or school on this day…but times are changing.  Millennials have access to a variety o … [Read more...]

Unique Ways to Earn an Income

Employment opportunities have come a long way, so while many enjoy working from their own homes today, it’s the ‘untraditional’ jobs that have captured the interests of others. A variety of jobs are being created through apps; as it was in the begin … [Read more...]

Car Wash Extras (Are they really worth it?)

Car washes are all about caring for your vehicle, but today there are many different types and choices…so is it worth getting all of those extras, or shall I say add-ons…to your basic wash? Car owners love having their vehicles cleaned on weekends and … [Read more...]

Failure to Yield

  Drivers across America apparently need to brush up on road signs and their purpose; as if distractions aren’t enough today. So do you know what ‘Yield’ means at an intersection? It means you must SLOW down when approaching, while preparing t … [Read more...]

Overcoming Regrets

Years ago I wrote a short piece about my life, and how it’s a rollercoaster of events, so all should enjoy the ride!  There were no regrets, at least in my world. Needless to say, those words were destined to change in my vocabulary, and ‘regrets’ fol … [Read more...]

Trains and Railroad Crossings

Trains this past year have had their share of incidents, but what about the railroad warning signals and crossing gates? Like everything else, things change with time, and while improvements are continuously being made and sought after…I’m not so sur … [Read more...]