Taking Charge of Your Own Health

 The health field has undergone so many changes, along with new laws and FDA Regulations when it comes to prescriptions. Insurance plans have changed, and even the attitudes of doctors, not all, have some of their patients concerned; from controlled … [Read more...]

Keeping Hopeful during Life’s Ever Changing Events

As the world turns, lives of many… have undergone complete change, not to mention employers (many downsizing), as well as our government that can’t seem to agree on much of anything over the past couple of years; yes… I am referring to medical plans, … [Read more...]

Uniforms Today

Uniforms today have evolved, transforming from the early 60’s and 70’s when the women’s movement toward equal rights came about… so did pants. We can begin with the nurses’ uniform; dating back to World War 11(and prior years), the nurses wore longer … [Read more...]

Red Light Runners

Running red lights is nothing new; in fact I see it almost every day. What is most disturbing is that majority of these runners are usually engaged in a face down position, using their cell phones; oblivious to what’s around them. What sparked this t … [Read more...]

What to Take to a Waterpark

It's summertime… and depending where you reside, swimming has always been a great way to have fun on a hot sunny day. So for those of you not near a beach, most likely you may know where your nearest waterpark might be; even amusement parks such as S … [Read more...]

Laughter is Always the Best Medicine

People of all ages experience some type of illness at one time or another, and depending on that illness, comes prescriptions usually filled by the doctor or a variety of over the counter medicines which are suggested, but that isn’t always the cure. … [Read more...]

Finding Passion in our Lives

Passion is an emotion; it’s a deep, almost uncontrollable feeling… a strong desire for something, or somebody. But what about finding our real purpose in our life? Without feeling important to someone (caring for another person), we can find our … [Read more...]

Origins of the Wedding Planner

Weddings today have become big business, enticing those with money and careers… the wedding planner industry does about 40 billion dollars a year, according to sources. Young successful couples don’t have time to, (or actually don’t want to take the t … [Read more...]

Searching for Treasures

 People everywhere are searching for something; some are out to find love and others are looking for a “find” … a treasure of sorts, which may include some extra money in their pockets, depending on the treasured item. Sound familiar? The topic last w … [Read more...]

The “New” Retail of Today

Second hand stores are popping up everywhere these days, while bringing a new kind of client to shop in their thrift stores. People from all walks of life have tightened their belts when it comes to spending money. Thrift shops have been around for … [Read more...]