Confessions from a “Joan Ranger”

Joan Rivers … do I need to say more? She was a comedian that paved the way for many, and we’ve heard about that plenty of times since her passing. She was a determined woman to go after what she really wanted in life. Her strength is one that cannot b … [Read more...]

Promoting Positive Music in Life

Music is therapeutic, in fact it is even promoted at  …>Mind, Body, and Spirit; enhancing the quality of patients while healing, not to mention that it is truly a stress reliever. Choosing music you enjoy and trying even new genres o … [Read more...]

Safety Tips in Construction Zones

No matter where you reside these days, the roads traveled frequently require repairs, among other things; widening, fresh painted lines or piping underground, regardless of what type of work is being done… this is called a “construction zone.”  Signs … [Read more...]

Making Memories

 Memories are something shared, a remembrance from the past; I like to think of special family events such as picnics, vacations, birthdays or weddings, we find ourselves with cameras in hand… trying to get those perfect, or sometimes unforgettable mo … [Read more...]

Depression is a Serious Matter

Emotions are a part of life, but depression is a demon all its own. It doesn’t come with a particular gender or age; however it should be taken seriously and not as someone’s weakness… there are different forms of clinical depression. I am not a docto … [Read more...]

Unattended Packages Invite a Different type of Thief

 Theft is a worldwide problem, but when they steal mail or unattended packages right at your doorstep, you are dealing with a variety of thievery; not necessarily one gender or age specific today. So, have you ever ordered an item and it never … [Read more...]

Taking Charge of Your Own Health

 The health field has undergone so many changes, along with new laws and FDA Regulations when it comes to prescriptions. Insurance plans have changed, and even the attitudes of doctors, not all, have some of their patients concerned; from controlled … [Read more...]

Keeping Hopeful during Life’s Ever Changing Events

As the world turns, lives of many… have undergone complete change, not to mention employers (many downsizing), as well as our government that can’t seem to agree on much of anything over the past couple of years; yes… I am referring to medical plans, … [Read more...]

Uniforms Today

Uniforms today have evolved, transforming from the early 60’s and 70’s when the women’s movement toward equal rights came about… so did pants. We can begin with the nurses’ uniform; dating back to World War 11(and prior years), the nurses wore longer … [Read more...]

Red Light Runners

Running red lights is nothing new; in fact I see it almost every day. What is most disturbing is that majority of these runners are usually engaged in a face down position, using their cell phones; oblivious to what’s around them. What sparked this t … [Read more...]