Reflecting on the All-American Drive in Movies

Remembering the drive-in theater brings a smile to my face, not to mention… many fond memories of attending the movies with friends growing up. But what’s happened to these gigantic screens that once was a part of our movie world? With prices of rea … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Party Ideas

Happy fourth everyone! Holidays roll around quickly, and before you know it… summer will be over, but in the meantime we are gearing up for a weekend of fun; from parades to festivities being celebrated all over America. Being patriotic brings smiles … [Read more...]

Finding Joy; Within the Ever Changing World

In world news this past week it seemed as if everything was going to hell in a hand basket, so-to-speak; from the shooter in Charleston to New York’s recent prison break, with two escapees still on the loose… violence around the U.S. continues to cli … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Cars; “and the People who drive them”

Most of us drive today; in fact it’s unusual when you find someone who may not drive… but those that drive without licenses are a whole other matter. My question is this, “what makes certain people drive vehicles they can’t handle?” I am talking about … [Read more...]

Lost without Your Cell Phone, “Do you have Nomophobia?”

Some say it’s now one of the biggest fears in the world, the absence of the cell phone; nomophobia. People everywhere are so use to having that mobile device at their fingertips 24/7 that if in that fleeting moment they left it behind, or the battery … [Read more...]

Once a Parent, Always a Parent

One of the toughest jobs any one person can have in life is being a parent. Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, and parenting styles are different in almost every household today. Beginning with the first stages, teaching our children right from w … [Read more...]

What is Luck Anyway?

Has anyone ever told you that you are lucky? Or maybe you just might be a black cat, so I’ve been told. So what is ‘Luck’ anyways? Luck (or chance) is a “purposeless, unpredictable and uncontrollable force that shapes events favorably or unfavorably f … [Read more...]

The Way Movies Influence Our World

Movies and television are a source of entertainment, but when does it become too much? Does it affect our moods or change the way we think? They are made specifically to do just that … entertain us; take our mind off of our problems while alleviating … [Read more...]

Distracted Driving continues to Pose Problems

I have plenty of gripes when talking about distracted drivers; it never seems to get better. No matter if it’s city streets or highway’s, I just can’t get over the fact of vehicles speeding through construction zones, as they race through nearly 15 mi … [Read more...]

Vacations on a Budget

With summer fast approaching, people are making plans for their vacations. It’s a time of year that everyone looks forward to, whether you are planning or attending a party, or taking the family on a vacation, everyone wants to save money. First let m … [Read more...]