Celebrating World Peace this Week

On Friday, September 21st, 2018 we will celebrate International Day of Peace. Looking forward is something we should all do, but in light of the most recent events such as the hurricane in the Carolinas, Typhoons in the Philippines, China and Hong … [Read more...]

Life of an Influencer

Oh for the love of Social Media; are you tapping in near and far through sites such as Face Book, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram and more…its social media frenzy. If you’re one who enjoys uploading photos of places you go, along with selfies, the food … [Read more...]

The Absence of Compliance ‘People and Law Enforcement’

Issues facing law enforcement today is an enormous task for officials; from a shortage of police recruitments to the revolving door in the criminal justice departments, it’s a daunting reality. The rises in crimes have been challenging for law e … [Read more...]

In Search of Good Restaurants

Finding good restaurants today can be quite challenging; it takes exceptional food, great service and good leadership skills to run a successful establishment. With many dining options to choose from, you’d think having a lot of competition might ‘up … [Read more...]

Common Sense for a Better Life

We’ve all been taught common sense …so why don’t we all use it?  In the era of digital media (devices), it’s become an addictive habit, similar to controlled substances. It causes impairments, leading one to use poor judgement, as it makes it difficul … [Read more...]

Subject Matters

Contemplating subject matters can often take me through an array of events and trending news; some of which are noteworthy and some…not so much, there’s no shortage of bad news on the air. Beginning with wildfires, California is having one of its wor … [Read more...]

The Days of Graffiti

Growing up in the 70’s was great; we were carefree and spent most of our time outdoors; nostalgic really. During that period, graffiti had set off an urban art movement…which was practiced on flat surfaces in public or private places for display. Wit … [Read more...]

Hotel Etiquette

Etiquette…it’s a code of polite behavior within social settings in a particular profession or group. Human behavior varies though, as it stems from our genetics and is influenced through our core values, ethics, culture and attitudes. Genes are def … [Read more...]

Movies that Deliver a Message

Everyone wants to see the blockbuster movies; Hollywood movies made with A-list Stars that receive all the hype, bringing in lots of money as people line up on their opening weekends to see them. Who doesn’t like a great movie today; but what’s great … [Read more...]

All about Travel Insurance

The travel season is upon us and people have already planned their trips near and far…but it’s easy to overlook those ‘what-ifs?’ when assuming all will go smoothly. Things can easily be overlooked…so what could possibly go wrong? Airports, train and, … [Read more...]