“Man-made or Jesus-made?”

By Travis Lauterbach   Pastors often hear people say, “The Church is a man-made institution.” Usually this comes from at least two attitudes. One results from a person being deeply hurt in some way, shape, or form by a local … [Read more...]

The Lord’s Prayer

There are a lot of faulty misconceptions about prayer, a lot of confusion about how prayer works and why we pray and when to pray. Yet there is nothing more vital to your Christian life than prayer. Some people think prayer is a magic wand. We … [Read more...]

New Commitments For The New Year

Well it’s that time of year again when in a fit of optimism many of us make great promises to ourselves about what we are going to do in the New Year that we usually abandon about the second week in January. Today in contrast I want to talk to you … [Read more...]

Where To Find Hope In The New Year

Jesus said; “In the world you'll have trouble.  But cheer up “I have defeated the world.” John 16:33 When life is going well for you, it's easy to feel hopeful. But when this world brings trouble into your life, feelings of hopelessness can come … [Read more...]

The Greatest Gifts Ever Given

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This month the birthday of Jesus Christ will be celebrated all over the world. Celebrated in various ways, in many languages, by people of all races. For a few hours many in the world will stop talking … [Read more...]

God’s Greatest Gift Is Love

That word ‘love’ has been an inspiration for many songs, poems and even life-changing events. Many people get married in the name and for the sake of love. Today love has become a mixed up term with little meaning and people have become confused … [Read more...]

The Gift of Peace

The Hebrew Bible uses a familiar but significant word, shalom. In its purest sense, shalom means "peace." The connotation is positive. That is, when someone says, "Shalom," or, "Peace unto you," it does not mean, "I hope you don't get into any … [Read more...]

Always Give Thanks – Even After Thanksgiving

This past week we celebrated “Thanksgiving”. For most of us it was a time of turkey, feasting and football. Across our country parades were held and black Friday followed. Some stores are now opening late on Thanksgiving Day and I have even heard … [Read more...]

Things I Am Thankful For

During the Thanksgiving holiday, we focus on our blessings and express our gratitude to God for them. However, thanks should be on our lips every day. We can never say thank you enough to parents, friends, leaders, and especially to God. When … [Read more...]

Take time to be thankful

By Rob Gardner Have you ever had one of those days when everything just seems to go wrong? You have been healthy all of your life and suddenly you are lying in a hospital bed wondering why me? That was me earlier this year. I have run 25 … [Read more...]