Another senator spotlights federal wasteful spending

Back in the 1970s Wisconsin U.S. Sen. William Proxmire began handing out his monthly Golden Fleece Award, recognizing wasteful spending by government agencies, such as a $4 million advertising campaign by the Postal Service to encourage Americans to … [Read more...]

This week in history Jan. 18-24

Jan. 25, 1911: Last Wednesday night a wildcat went into Nephi Hunt’s chicken coop and killed sixty chickens. Jan. 26, 1910: Vica Leavitt and Rhoda Wittwer have returned to Cedar City to continue their studies. They came down for the holidays and w … [Read more...]

Lost and Found

  Yesterday, Jan. 11, my husband, my other half for nearly 42 years passed away. Now I tell you that not for you to be sad for me, although I am sad enough for me, you, and anyone else you can see, hear or think of. But to rejoice in the knowledge t … [Read more...]

The Generation Gap; Dealing with Emotions

These past few years we have seen and heard the younger generation cry out loud when it comes to issues that they disagree with, in fact…many feel like they are the victims of our society today; welcome to the ‘snowflake’ generation. Their intol … [Read more...]

This week in history Jan. 11-18

Jan. 11, 1912: For a week past we have had the coldest weather that has been known for years. The river froze over and it has not done that for 25 years the thermometer was down to 12. The last two or three days there has been a lot of snow on the … [Read more...]

Nevada should challenge constitutionality of federal pot law

A week ago the Trump administration rescinded a series of Obama administration memos instructing federal prosecutors to back off enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized it, sending legal pot businesses into a dither, including … [Read more...]

Mark Your Calendar

We engage in commemoration. Doing so serves a twofold purpose: to celebrate and reflect, and to learn from history–learn from both mistakes and triumphs. Remembering on an intermittent basis keeps events in our hearts and minds. We remember birthdays … [Read more...]

Free at Last

Free at last after almost 4 years. After the stand-off with federal agents in an armed showdown over cattle grazing, Cliven Bundy, two of his sons and Ryan Payne a participant in the stand-off, all freed on Monday after being held for almost 700 days … [Read more...]

Hospital Food

So I was recently in a hospital room visiting and a person who lets call “the main eventer,” because patient sounds so sickly. The main eventer was getting attention from the staff of minions that scurry about when there are needs that need to be ten … [Read more...]

Faking Service Animals Proves to be Harmful

Pets are wonderful animals and bring joy to many of us, but for some they are necessary…providing a service to the disabled; so why is it that so many people feel the right to order fake service coats for their furry friends, disguising them as ‘real … [Read more...]