This week in history April 19-25

April 19, 1911, Bunkerville: We have been having quite cool weather for the last week, killed some of the tenderer  garden stuff, froze water in the dishes left outside, killed part of the second crop of figs and some grapes. April 20, 1902: A … [Read more...]

Opposition to wind farm project expressed

As part of its review process to determine whether to approve an application to allow construction of wind turbines on 32,000 acres of public land in Nevada adjacent to the California border just west of Searchlight, the Bureau of Land Management … [Read more...]

Two Cheers for Education

I’m not ready for a full-throated set of three “Huzzahs” for education just yet. The 2,000 plus page, $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that will keep the government open through August, at least showed some spunk even though still woefully short in … [Read more...]

Earth Without Art

 There were four of us on a very long road trip to Texas from Nevada. The second day we drove over 700 miles and were more than punchy when we pulled into a buffet restaurant in a small Texas town at around 7 p.m.  We gathered around the table wi … [Read more...]

Hotels and Non-Smoking Rooms

The travel Industry is preparing for their busy season, and folks have begun planning for vacations, beginning with transportation to finalizing decisions of where to stay; researching these things can be a tedious task and even challenging when … [Read more...]

From the Mayor

I have been asked numerous times who the individual is that comes to so many city council meetings and complains about our police and court system, and the injustice he has received.  He further casts doubt about my loyalty to this country and the … [Read more...]

This week in history April 12-18

April 12, 1910, Mesquite: If you wish to see beautiful roses, call at Nephi Johnson's farm and your wish will be gratified.(Nephi's wife had a green thumb) April 12, 1911, Bunkerville: Harmon Tobler is adding another room to his house. April … [Read more...]

Census should ask about citizenship

Ignorance is not bliss. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have sued in an effort to block the 2020 Census from asking about citizenship status, claiming the question will prompt illegal immigrants to not respond and thus result in an … [Read more...]

White privilege in Mesquite

White Privilege in Mesquite? Yes of course there is white privilege for the descendent of the people who built this country. In case someone has forgotten it was the white people from Europe who were the first settlers and the people who wrote the … [Read more...]

The Smell of—Soap

Have you been to a soap store? Yes a soap store. Chances are that you have been. I was in one just last week. These alcoves of bubbles and smells are filled to the brim and shopped by some of the best sniffers around. Not just by ladies either. Big … [Read more...]