This big piggy goes oink, oink, oink

The libertarian-leaning Nevada Policy Research Institute has published this year’s edition of its popular “The Nevada Piggy Book” — a collection of anecdotes illustrating the tendencies of state and local governments to lavishly overspend our money on … [Read more...]

This week in history Oct. 18-24

Oct.18,1911: All of the Toblers and Wittwers who are relatives of old Father and Mother Tobler of Santa Clara have gone there to take part  in the celebration of their golden wedding. Oct. 19, 1910, Bunkerville: Some candidates for Co Offices were … [Read more...]

Article III Needs Specificity

Article III of the Constitution, the one dealing with judges, is short, only three sections and one defines treason. The other two are the only official guidance we have to determine how the courts should be constructed and judges confirmed. It does … [Read more...]

The Question Is…

 Can every conversation begin with a question? What if they were? Would communications be possible at all? Could you actually have a normal, whatever normal is, a normal conversation? Can every statement be turned into a question? Conversely can … [Read more...]

Getting a Head Start on Holiday Shopping

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’ve been in the stores recently you know that Christmas arrived early as usual; time passes quickly, so contemplating your holiday shopping isn’t out of the ordinary. Normally I like to wait with pur … [Read more...]

This week in history Oct. 11-17

Oct.12, 1908, Bunkerville: At a water board meeting held last week, our ditch master was changed. Lister Leavitt of Mesquite has been running it but thinking it would be better to have a man from our own town in charge, they gave it to Albert … [Read more...]

Who has the better plan for Nevada’s economic future?

Plans or platitudes? That is our choice when it comes to electing the next governor of Nevada. Republican Adam Laxalt, currently the state’s attorney general, has outlined clear and precise plans for helping grow the economy of the state, while … [Read more...]

Judicial committee was never about justice

The Judicial Committee hearing regarding confirmation of Justice Kavanagh was never about justice to the Democrats on the committee – it was about denying appointment to anyone Trump nominated that would move the court to the right. Yet the Democrats … [Read more...]

Heat Seeker

I try not to generalize because generally not everyone will fit into a generalization, uh, generally. However—you thought I was going to slip in a “but” here didn’t you? Well generally I would, but today I felt a bit however-ish.  Let’s see how things … [Read more...]

Benefits of Aging

As the years pass by with the ever-changing seasons, the clock never stops ticking and like the growing trees living among natures bountiful beauty…we will age with every passing minute. We’re like a fine wine that improves over time. Balancing life t … [Read more...]