Mesquite Senior Games Bowling Results

This year’s bowling competition for the Mesquite Senior Games saw a few less people than last year, but those who did compete gave it their all against the others. According to event organizer, Marty Wilkes, there were about 60 competitors total … [Read more...]

Toes’ performance lives up to its name

Vicki Eckman and the Mesquite Toes surpassed the high marks they set for themselves last year as they provided a very spectacular show again this year. With the help of guest choreographers and lots of backstage … [Read more...]

Mesquite Senior Games event open to all ages tomorrow

In an effort to encourage family fitness, the Mesquite Senior Games Road Races and Fitness walk events on April 18 are open to runners of all ages and any child age 12 or younger, can run in the One-Mile Race for free with any paid road race … [Read more...]

Senior Games: Track & Field Results 2015

See below the results for featured photos from the events from last Saturday's Competition.   … [Read more...]

Senior Games: Bocce Ball and Tennis Results

Tennis:   … [Read more...]

Basketball highlights Senior Games weekend

A There was a large group of senior athletes that competed Saturday afternoon in basketball skills at the Mesquite Recreation Center courts. Participants competed in free-throw shooting, timed shooting event and three-points shot skills. Seniors from … [Read more...]

First bicycling event participants win big

For the first time in Mesquite Senior Games history, there was a bicycling event which ultimately gave each participant a medal. The event is sure to grow as the other events have in the past. 3 Mile Distance: Men:  60-64  Mike Wiseman - 12:25 / … [Read more...]

Mesquite Shooters Go For The Gold

The Mesquite Shooters have skills few may want to mess with, especially when you find that most of them over the age of 50 win medals in competitions that involve firearms and some of them haven’t been shooting for as long as you might … [Read more...]

New Biking Event this weekend

The first of several scheduled bike racing events will begin this weekend, starting with the Mesquite Senior Games competition at the Mesquite Sports and Events Complex (MSEC) on Friday, April 10 at 9 a.m. Registration for the event will begin at … [Read more...]

MSG: Long Drive Results

The 2015 Mesquite Senior Games Long Drive event had a fine showing with over 40 participants hitting into a 30 mph headwind last Thursday. Men and women ages 54 – 88 hit eight balls for their longest drive and a chance at winning a medal. Greg … [Read more...]