One Way Streets

   I have an aversion to one way streets. Is there a real reason for them? It just feels wrong on so many levels to drive clear on the left side of the street, in other words to the left of where the center white line usually is, let alone turn left f … [Read more...]

Lost and Found

  Yesterday, Jan. 11, my husband, my other half for nearly 42 years passed away. Now I tell you that not for you to be sad for me, although I am sad enough for me, you, and anyone else you can see, hear or think of. But to rejoice in the knowledge t … [Read more...]

Hospital Food

So I was recently in a hospital room visiting and a person who lets call “the main eventer,” because patient sounds so sickly. The main eventer was getting attention from the staff of minions that scurry about when there are needs that need to be ten … [Read more...]

Somebody Else’s Job

  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to work at different places doing somebody else’s job. If you are like most people you have had a few jobs in your life. But what about jobs that people do that there is no way you would ever have. What wou … [Read more...]

Life by the Numbers

   I must admit I am a romantic. I like to float along believing that love makes the world go ‘round. Making you feel all warm and fuzzy and like nothing could ever put ripples in your pond if love is in your sights. Ah!                  But if the … [Read more...]

Our Internal Clock

Apparently the companies that manufacture alarm clocks might as well close up shop, turn off the lights and everyone go home. The word on the street is that we all have these internal clocks that will wake us up at exactly the right time after a … [Read more...]

The Edge of Teeth

 There are a few things that set my teeth on edge. Wait what exactly does that mean? Set your teeth on edge. To me it means something that makes me all squiggly and my mouth contorts because I just can’t hardly take the sight, sound or smell of so … [Read more...]

A Calendar with Doors

We have an advent calendar. It’s cute and means Christmas is nearing. It has the required 25 little doors. One to open each day from December 1 all the way up to the Big Day, December 25th. Behind each door there is a little surprise and each one has … [Read more...]

Problems with Nails

Do you know what carpenters say when you go to pound in a nail and it bends over before you get it all the way pounded in? Snidely you might hear, “Hey what’s the matter, is the wind blowing?” Meaning the wind blew the nail over. That has got to be so … [Read more...]

Ever Been Googled?

 We all get them. The phone calls. The robot calls. The mind numbing calls that bring you to the edge of the cliff. The ones that come during dinner or at the exact time you are up to your eyeballs in making lunches and pouring cereal in the … [Read more...]