Vacuum What?

While it is not unheard of in our abode to skip a week, maybe a week and a half, okay two weeks, of vacuuming the carpet, what has been unheard of, up until the other day, is using the vacuum outside on the… Well let me start at the b … [Read more...]

Thanks For Asking…

The people who want to hear about your medical aches and pains are few and far between.  This is an important thing to remember when you are asked, “How are you?” Unless of course it is your doctor asking the question.  But in reality, “How are you?”, … [Read more...]

The Standard Transmission

Driver’s Education.  Words that would make the heart of a 15 year old jump with joy and fear at the same time.  That is when it was offered in school.  Now, I must admit, since Drivers Ed. is no longer a course in many schools, I do not know how young … [Read more...]

Picture This

I do not take pictures. Cameras and I, whether as actual cameras or in phones, on tablets, I-pads or any other configuration of picture taking, do not get along well.  My husband takes pictures--of things.  Since I do not take pictures I know I s … [Read more...]

Sending Dinner Back

I have been to many different restaurants as I am sure many of you have.  There have been really good ones and really bad ones.  For the most part just regular ones that have food and service that are fine. I have never sent anything back to the k … [Read more...]


There are many layers to exhaustion. In the dictionary exhaustion is defined as extreme fatigue. That could be cured by a good night’s sleep. But real exhaustion, the kind that means; if I have to pick up one more thing off the floor; if I have to s … [Read more...]

Pencils and Pens

I do not remember ever being without a cup full of pens and pencils.  There are writing instruments in every room of our house, in all the nooks and crannies of our vehicles, in the garage, storage sheds.  Usually paper too, but if not, there is a … [Read more...]

Do You Listen or Hear?

Our minds are amazing globs of gray stuff.  Specifically I refer to little piece of glob that can recall a voice.  As you sit there, think of someone, anyone, regular guy you know or have known or someone famous, doesn’t matter.  Now as you picture th … [Read more...]

Minute by Minute

As my left eye creaked open this morning all I saw was the laminated red number 9 on my bedside clock.  It was the last number of the time because my ever present water bottle was covering the first part of the digital display.  So I began trying to d … [Read more...]

The “They” Sayers

Do “They” run your life?  When “they” speak do you obey their command?  When “they all” decide how to accomplish something do “we all” need to follow?  I say nope.  If you listen intently you might hear the cracking of the shell of the egg “they” have … [Read more...]