Earth Without Art

 There were four of us on a very long road trip to Texas from Nevada. The second day we drove over 700 miles and were more than punchy when we pulled into a buffet restaurant in a small Texas town at around 7 p.m.  We gathered around the table wi … [Read more...]

The Smell of—Soap

Have you been to a soap store? Yes a soap store. Chances are that you have been. I was in one just last week. These alcoves of bubbles and smells are filled to the brim and shopped by some of the best sniffers around. Not just by ladies either. Big … [Read more...]

Credit Check

 In a discussion the topic of credit comes up. There are as many facets about credit as there are grains of sand on Pismo Beach—that is to say nearly innumerable. To dissect a credit profile takes knowledge and power. Knowledge in knowing that three l … [Read more...]


  I have had my ears pierced twice in my lifetime. Not twice as in four holes, but two separate times because several years after the first experience which involved ice cubes a big, no a huge needle and half a potato in my mom’s kitchen, the holes gr … [Read more...]

Going www-less

  I have just found the coolest button on my computer. Okay so I didn’t just find it. I knew it was there but I haven’t used it as much as I should. It’s the off button. When was the last time you used the off button on your computer? It has been quit … [Read more...]

Flip of a Coin

How many times during a day could you use a coin to decide your next move? One? Twenty seven? Three hundred and sixteen? More? Of course some decisions are automatic. If you have two or more bathrooms in your house and nature calls you don’t think, “ … [Read more...]

Pictures and People

  I don’t have an aversion to people. I rather like talking to people. Learn what makes them tick and what, you know, clicks their clock. For instance: When I turned the corner leaving the produce department and entering the Mexican food isle in the g … [Read more...]

Passport Performance

  Recently I had to renew my passport. Well I didn’t have to, but you never know when you will be on the US/Canada border and want to step over the line and pick a flower and will need a passport to do so. Since my passport had expired more than a few … [Read more...]

Fish Food

   Some of you will think from the title this do dah will be all about how, where, why, or when to fish. I of course being duly appraised by LL Bean as a fully functioning fly fisher-person, I have the certificate to prove it, could of course flail th … [Read more...]

Life is a Playground

 Not to get to deep, but have you ever considered how playground equipment crosses over to how life can be thought of? Don’t get too worried about having to use too many brain cells here. It’s just that I was driving by a school yard recently and the … [Read more...]