The Question Is…

 Can every conversation begin with a question? What if they were? Would communications be possible at all? Could you actually have a normal, whatever normal is, a normal conversation? Can every statement be turned into a question? Conversely can … [Read more...]

Sun Seen

   When you plan a road trip here is a tip. Leave early in the morning. Really early. Like just before the sun comes up early. The driving that early is great. It is a little cooler, the traffic is usually light. Seeing the sunrise is such a spirit li … [Read more...]

The Brush Off

 There was a time when men used something called Butch Wax in their hair. It was this pinkish wax that was put on with a plastic rectangular brush that was held in the palm of a hand. It made buzz cut, flat top hair stand up to hurricane force winds … [Read more...]

The Microwave

  If you have been on Mother Earth for more than let’s say fifty years you may remember when microwave ovens were a new thing. I still have no idea how a microwave oven works. Of course I still don’t know how my father could make a long string and two … [Read more...]

I am a Statistic

 A statistic, statistically speaking is one of a collection of quantitative data. Yep that’s me, a Labor Day holiday statistic. I have heard statistics spewed out by statisticians. You know. Two percent of the population control ninety eight percent o … [Read more...]

Temperature Competition

Let’s face it the world is competition based. If you say you are not competitive I won’t believe you. Because I’d bet a caramel coated cupcake that if the guy next to you said he was less competitive than you, you might just say, bet you’re not. Which … [Read more...]

The Queen of Sneeze

  Oh the human body. Such a wonder. Such a miracle. Such a conglomeration of what reportedly are just minerals and other stuff worth about five bucks. Hey that grand total, according to some sites through Google, is up about sixty cents from a h … [Read more...]

A Mystery Flavored Day

    I was at the bank the other day and as I waited to hear yet again that there is never enough money in my account, I picked out one of the suckers that are there for the taking. I should have known from the name of the suckers, Dum Dums that my day … [Read more...]

The Worth of an Ashtray

  I’ve come to the realization that there isn’t much you can do with an ashtray after you quit smoking. But some of them are just so pretty. Most are all glassy and different colors and shapes. But when they no longer have a reason to sit on a table o … [Read more...]

Snack Master

 Anyone that knows me well knows that I am always fighting the battle of the bulge, and the double chin and the bat wings of upper arms and the muffin top which in my case is more of a baker’s dozen of muffins! It’s okay that I am always trying to kee … [Read more...]