Cloudy Made Clear

English. What a language!  Words come and go and some even change meaning. The flavor of language today is different from eras past. If language were a meal, the usage of the 18th century, the language of the Constitution, would be plated and served … [Read more...]

Efficacious Chaos

Extremes of political theory often do not work in practice. We long ago realized laissez faire capitalism wasn’t practical in real-world applications. It only seems to work in Ayn Rand novels. Communism has been a classic fail. The extremism of a … [Read more...]

By the numbers

  This column will be by the numbers: 32 dead in the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting; 26 dead, 20 six-year-olds and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012; last week 17 dead at a large Parkland, Florida high school; and 13 dead, 12 … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Melting Pot

The United States was conceived on an idea. Other countries were founded on a common language, religion, or linage. Not us. But, the big idea–every person is free and equal–didn’t get a very strong start. The “free and equal” originally applied only t … [Read more...]

Consumer Protections in Jeopardy

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was spawned by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. Proving the federal government could manage the internet, it was rolled out in 2011 with a well-planned, functioning … [Read more...]

Mark Your Calendar

We engage in commemoration. Doing so serves a twofold purpose: to celebrate and reflect, and to learn from history–learn from both mistakes and triumphs. Remembering on an intermittent basis keeps events in our hearts and minds. We remember birthdays … [Read more...]

In Media We Trust

There is only one private enterprise sanctioned in the Constitution. It comes in Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law … prohibiting the free exercise … of the press.” Newspapers are given the absolute right to circulate opinions in print without c … [Read more...]

This Isn’t What They Had in Mind

The Estate Tax is not a new idea. The current iteration was written into law in 1916 and has stood, with variations, for 101 years. The tax has not put an undo burden on the wealthy as the share of wealth owned by the top 10% has steadily risen, … [Read more...]

Schools Should Be Cathedrals

The battle to keep federal funds going to public schools just got another advocate. An advocate that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was trying to use as a poster child for her fixation on spreading public money even thinner by offering federal … [Read more...]

“Whose Woods These Are I Think I Know”

The woods may belong to poet Robert Frost, but the crux is that Democrats have been lost in them since 2010. Basically, Democrats won only the White House in the elections between 2010 and 2016. They were satisfied with the big wins in 2008 and … [Read more...]