When was America Great?

“Make America Great again,” a great election slogan but a little harder to identify when it was so great that we want to go back to that time. The easy answer might the time of Ronald Reagan but then again he was only able to roll back a few of the so … [Read more...]

Ayn Rand

There is a new book in the White House and it was written by a Russian born woman. Her book expresses the philosophy of rugged, uncompromising individualism, the fear of an overbearing government and a conformist world in the corporate boardroom. The … [Read more...]

Nevada Ranks Number 4

Nevada ranked number 4 with 64% of all births paid for by Medicaid.  More than half the babies born in the state were at the taxpayers’ expense because their parents or at least the mother is on some type of welfare.   This is according to The Kaiser … [Read more...]

I know that Donald Trump said he will put people back to work but will there be any work in the future?

I know that Donald Trump said he will put people back to work but will there be any work in the future? Think for a moment what the future most likely will be like with most of today’s jobs gone! Think back just 20 years when everybody used Kodak f … [Read more...]

15 Dollars or not.

The federal minimum wage was enacted during the Great Depression. Recently, there have been voracious calls to raise it to $15 and California and New York have already pledged to raise their state standard to that number. According to the Bureau of … [Read more...]

Lighting strikes

When lighting strikes sometimes everything changes and that is what is happening in Washington D.C. Never have there been so many changes so quickly. Perhaps we have been wrong in the past when electing politicians to office where their goal becomes … [Read more...]

The Deed is Done

Point of view the deed is done; the government has changed from liberal to conservative. What a change it will be with changes in government polices from top to bottom. The liberal’s dream of a socialist utopia destroyed for now and a new America r … [Read more...]

Hate Speech

It is seemly all around us and we should be shocked by its pure animosity. It’s hard to listen to any news cast on radio or television where you don’t hear someone calling Trump a fascist and comparing him to Hitler. Some even call for marching in the … [Read more...]

New Year Predictions from a Point of View

New Year Predictions from a Point of View. Trump has at least two years to make his major changes and they will start with voiding the executive orders issued by Obama and most of the job killing regulations. All will be dumped in the garbage can of … [Read more...]

Point of View on who was that person who voted for Donald Trump?

Deplorable, many call him a Racist, many women call him Sexist and the Muslim world call him an Infidel. In this column, he refers to both men and women but putting him and her in every phrase is just dumb. He, her (Last time I will use it) … [Read more...]