Has America lost its’ Mojo?

At a recent gathering of friends someone posed the idea that we had seen the high point in American civilization and it was downhill from there. Some raised the point that we had elected a different kind of President and he was making big changes to … [Read more...]

Mueller’s Triumph

What about Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s campaign concluding with the Russians? It seems that he and this team has hooked a few fish, a very few expensive fish at that. After months and months of work on the case we do have some big time cri … [Read more...]

Gun Control or Control?

It is very interesting that some people call for more gun laws to stop the violence yet those cities that have the most restrictive gun laws have the most violence by far. There are about 30,000 gun deaths a year and most are suicide and are almost … [Read more...]

The horror in Las Vegas

The horror in Las Vegas shocks everyone and most are so concerned about the victims that their thoughts and prayers are concentrating on the people involved. Thinking about those who lost love ones or are in a hospital recovering, even those who ran … [Read more...]


The last time I talked about hate I got plenty of feedback and most of it has to be dealt with so here goes. Elgin wrote in part; “Fat Cats in Washington, especially the Senators, do not want changes. They feel that the taxpayer owes them their g … [Read more...]

The Socialist world of the Democratic Party has disintegrated

The Socialist world of the Democratic Party has disintegrated. An American who expressed unrestrained love of country and admiration for police, firemen, and military delivered a message that rolled across the heartland of America and won a … [Read more...]

Why the Hate

Why all the hate, it is very disturbing to see such deep hatred here in America. People who were friends are pulling away, part of our country wants to pull out and people attack each other with weapons to hurt and possibility kill. Who really has it … [Read more...]


Recently radio talk personality Michael Savage on his show Savage Nation, warned that Millions of Americans will revolt if the left wing globalists remove President Trump from office. He said “Americans could even resort to mob violence”. So far any v … [Read more...]

The first 6 months

What has happened in the 6 months since President Trump took office? Everything is on the move with the US Stock Markets at record highs. The DOW market average has risen 18% since the election in November. The DOW took just 66 days to climb from … [Read more...]

What’s happening to America?

After the 4th of July celebrations it may be time to reflect on the changes that are happening to our country. As the fireworks filled the night skies with bright stars of light and the firecrackers could be heard almost all night, the newspapers and … [Read more...]