Survived a Coup

It appears that we have survived a coup d'état by our own government people. With the revelations that are just now coming out is seems that several high level people in the Justice Department and the FBI were trying to undermine and remove first a … [Read more...]

Privilege Part III

One of my main points in my last two articles was allowing those who wish to become Americans to immigrate but in an educated way.  They do not have to be a Christian but cannot hate Christians to the point of killing them or be anti-American.  For y … [Read more...]

White Privilege ll

In my last Point of View I tried to explain White Privilege origins and development. Unfortunately, I ran into a firestorm of criticisms. So, let’s set the record straight. I know the native Indian people were here before the white settlers came from … [Read more...]

White privilege in Mesquite

White Privilege in Mesquite? Yes of course there is white privilege for the descendent of the people who built this country. In case someone has forgotten it was the white people from Europe who were the first settlers and the people who wrote the … [Read more...]

Blame the NRA

Every time there is a shooting the liberal left blames the National Rifle Association (NRA). The funny thing is that the Association cannot even carry a gun. It has no arms or legs; it is just an organization of likeminded people dedicated to … [Read more...]

Last year’s predictions

In March of last year I wrote Predictions for the new President: “Trump will start with voiding the executive orders issued by Obama and most of the job killing regulations. All will be dumped in the garbage can of history.” “Obamacare will be repl … [Read more...]

The National Rifle Association is abandoned

The National Rifle Association is being abandoned by several old partners who claimed to be friends. Several large companies such Hertz, Delta and United Airlines have severed their contractual deals with the NRA. It seems that these companies must … [Read more...]

A School choice

A School choice, to be armed or not? After another shooting it always comes up, gun control. Many believe that disarming people will provide more safety.  While the other side believes a well-armed public is the best crime deterrent. The funny thing … [Read more...]

The memo is out

The FISA Memo by the House Intelligence Committee Chairman was recently declassified and the Democrats are furious saying the memo is incomplete, full of lies and half-truths. Before it was released the FBI, Justice Department, Democratic members of … [Read more...]

What is with the FBI?

What is with the FBI? Shocking new revelations are coming out daily about Agents apparently misusing their authority and office. After stonewalling Congress for almost a year, some e-mail and phone texting records are now being given to the … [Read more...]