Obituary – Charles Camp

Charles Ray Camp, of Mesquite, died of cancer on June 27, 2014.  He was at home with his wife by his side.  Charles had enjoyed a visit with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren the weekend prior to his death.  He was born March 9, 1933, in … [Read more...]

Monday’s GAS Club keeps low scores with high temps

The Monday, July 7 gathering of the GAS Club brought out a bigger crowd despite the hot temperatures. With most of the regular members gone for the summer, the higher turnout was a shock to organizers. The four-man teams played a three-best-ball … [Read more...]

Don’t Bother Writing Books—It’s Not Worth It, Unless You’re Already a Celebrity: Part 2 of 4

In Part 1, I said it’s probably not worth your while to write a book if you’re only doing it it to make a lot of money. I mentioned several authors, including yet-to-be published Jason Segel, the well-known actor, retired baseball player Cal Ripken Jr … [Read more...]

MMGA Update with Cup standings July 7, 2014

YEH EDGES JORDAN BY TWO SHOTS The MMGA teed it up at Coyote Springs on Tuesday and it was not windy not even at the Chase.  But the course won again.  Andrew Yeh, despite a triple bogey seven on the first hole, played the greens with the least a … [Read more...]

Summer Bowling Updates July 6, 2014

6/30/14 - ADULT / YOUTH 1. Strikers 22-6 2. Rock Stars 22-6 3. Chicago’s Best 21-7 4. Lots “O” Luck 21-7 5. Two Pin Heads 15-13 6. Ballerzzzz 12-2* 7. On the Ball 11-14 8. Team #6 11-17 9. Aliens 10-18 10. The Knights 9-19 11. Grammie & … [Read more...]

The Horse Lover

“The Horse Lover” by H. Alan Day with Lynn Wiese Sneyd, foreword by Sandra Day O’Connor c.2014, University of Nebraska Press              $24.95 / $28.95 Canada             243 pages For most of your life, you’ve been told to dream big. R … [Read more...]

Hot days with hot scores for the GAS Club

All players survived the GAS Club’s Wednesday, July 2 golf matches in 114 degree temperatures. Some faired better than others, of course but no one had a melt down. The format was a three-man team, best two-ball score on each hole. The skins th … [Read more...]

Klasik Kloset bids farewell for summer

To the editor: Saturday (June 26) was a great day to start my summer vacation. Friends came in to wish me well and to let me know they would miss the great conversations and the terrific bargains they always find at my shop.  Then in the afternoon … [Read more...]

The Truth About Grandmas

Poets often wax nostalgic about Grannies sitting on the front porch bragging about their grandkids. However, anytime my maternal grandmother bragged or said something nice, it was a safe bet that she wasn’t talking about her grandkids. She only spoke … [Read more...]

What is in a word?

Every time that I sit down to write I am in some way asking; what is in a word?  Every writer goes through the same thing however using different methods.  Crafting a story is in reality stringing words together to present a mental picture of what t … [Read more...]