Entrepreneurs on Wheels

Entrepreneurs are all over the map these days; literally. They’ve taken a creative route to be in business for themselves and will bring it right to your door; that’s right…these people have gone beyond the food trucks, bringing unique ideas for mobil … [Read more...]

Reminiscent of Childhood Days

Remember when you couldn’t wait to grow up? My parents and grandparents always said there was plenty of time for that, and were they right… Life has a funny way of working out. I now find myself looking back on those childhood memories, wondering wha … [Read more...]

Deltas New Guidelines for Support Animals

In a recent article, I wrote about the ongoing issues surrounding the abuse of faking service animals as an excuse to gain access in public places. Faking your pets as service or an emotional support animal harms the real people with disabilities, so … [Read more...]

The Generation Gap; Dealing with Emotions

These past few years we have seen and heard the younger generation cry out loud when it comes to issues that they disagree with, in fact…many feel like they are the victims of our society today; welcome to the ‘snowflake’ generation. Their intol … [Read more...]

Faking Service Animals Proves to be Harmful

Pets are wonderful animals and bring joy to many of us, but for some they are necessary…providing a service to the disabled; so why is it that so many people feel the right to order fake service coats for their furry friends, disguising them as ‘real … [Read more...]

A New Year Brings a Fresh Start

Happy New Year everyone! Often times at the closing of any given year, we reminisce about events gone by, while discussing topics… such as New Year’s resolutions and how the coming year gives us all a chance to make new changes. This year however, I’d … [Read more...]

In The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas means different things for different people; like keeping family traditions and shopping…or planning festivities, baking goodies and, or dinner. In the spirit of Christmas, many will think about the past, present and future. Christmases p … [Read more...]

Talking or Texting; what’s your preference?

In the modern world of technology, it’s apparent that texting is the primary source of communication…but is it good to text rather than directly talking to someone? Most millennials today text and it doesn’t matter if it’s personal or business, it’s t … [Read more...]

Courier Companies and Their Drivers

Tis’ the season for package/parcel deliveries coming to a neighborhood near you.  Shipping companies like UPS and Fed Ex are busy with door to door deliveries from morning until night, and drivers are putting in their overtime; but no one had any id … [Read more...]

Clothing Habits and the Environmental Epidemic

Fashion has been sporting new looks for centuries and people can’t seem to buy enough clothing every year. In fact, there’s fashion for every sport, event and not to mention… even the rugged, dressed down trendy fashions, like expensive holey cloth … [Read more...]