Storage and More “What’s in Your Garage?”

Growing up in a small suburban neighborhood, almost everyone had a car, not to mention the garage it was kept in. We stored outdoor items such as lawn chairs and bicycles along the walls or rafters of the garage, but that was about it. Today, you can … [Read more...]

Supersize My Truck Please

Trucks have been around for generations, but what seemed to be of normal size, for a truck that is…has completely changed today. I remember when I sold my first truck, back in 1989; I was in sales. It was a standard Dodge Ram, with two doors and a … [Read more...]

Benefits of a Shower Versus Bath

Dreaming of ending your day with a relaxing hot bath? Maybe you don’t have the time and will opt for a shower…whatever you decide, does one have more benefits than the other? Dating back to Medieval times, bath water was shared, beginning with the … [Read more...]

Tips for Summer Travelers

Summer has always been a popular time of year for travelers. Preparing for your trip should be done a few days prior, so you may alleviate some stress which comes with traveling, especially if you are flying the friendly skies. Today, flying has … [Read more...]

Exercising Vigilance in Public Places

With summer near and outdoor festivities being planned in most states, it’s likely there will be crowding in a variety of public places. Huge outdoor music venues are set throughout the U.S. along with festivals of sorts in celebration of holidays … [Read more...]

The Meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day for humanity, bringing Patriotism to cities everywhere. It should be celebrated by all citizens in remembrance of those who had given the ultimate sacrifice, while serving in the U.S. Military. This holiday, originally known as … [Read more...]

Auto Accessories and More

Brand new vehicles are offering many extras inside and out, including attractive dashboards with enhancements of standard equipment. New features have been added on most automakers dashboards, while increasing the sounds, such as chimes and alarms. … [Read more...]

Soul Happiness

  Happiness…everyone wants it, some go great lengths to obtain it, but to understand what true happiness is … let’s just say it’s the overwhelming emotion of euphoria that comes with an inescapable state of well-being. Cultures all over the … [Read more...]

False Identities and Catfishing

Social Media has brought yet another type of predator into our world; The Catfish. It’s phenomenon of internet users are out to steal others identities… or, will fabricate new ones in order to trick people into a relationship, through emotional/ … [Read more...]

How Did We Get Here?

It seems like a lifetime ago when life was simpler, even surrounding noises (regardless where you were) didn’t always capture the attention of bystanders…but that’s all changed today. With cell phones at an arm’s reach into a back pocket or in a … [Read more...]