Laughter is Always the Best Medicine

People of all ages experience some type of illness at one time or another, and depending on that illness, comes prescriptions usually filled by the doctor or a variety of over the counter medicines which are suggested, but that isn’t always the cure. … [Read more...]

Finding Passion in our Lives

Passion is an emotion; it’s a deep, almost uncontrollable feeling… a strong desire for something, or somebody. But what about finding our real purpose in our life? Without feeling important to someone (caring for another person), we can find our … [Read more...]

Origins of the Wedding Planner

Weddings today have become big business, enticing those with money and careers… the wedding planner industry does about 40 billion dollars a year, according to sources. Young successful couples don’t have time to, (or actually don’t want to take the t … [Read more...]

Searching for Treasures

 People everywhere are searching for something; some are out to find love and others are looking for a “find” … a treasure of sorts, which may include some extra money in their pockets, depending on the treasured item. Sound familiar? The topic last w … [Read more...]

The “New” Retail of Today

Second hand stores are popping up everywhere these days, while bringing a new kind of client to shop in their thrift stores. People from all walks of life have tightened their belts when it comes to spending money. Thrift shops have been around for … [Read more...]

Grocery Store Etiquette

Grocery shopping has become a pesky errand; one I don’t enjoy much anymore. For those of us that enjoy cooking, shopping for grocery items is not an option, but we can plan out a less busy time to go. I mention this because people in the stores l … [Read more...]

The Importance of Proper Footwear

Warmer weather entices many of us to start losing the shoes and wearing open toe footwear… or less. Sandals have become a popular item through the years, however the original flip flop (consisting of a thin flat sole with a Y-shaped strap that passes … [Read more...]

Pajama Wearing in Public

To wear… or not to wear; pajamas in public have become the “norm” for many when shopping, cruising or even going to a restaurant… so what happened to wearing clothes? It’s a controversy that people like to avoid when asked the question, especially if … [Read more...]

Restaurants That Use the Ziosk

The Ziosk… it’s a new way to pay your check at the table while dining out. Chili’s Bar & Grill has installed this new tablet at over 100 of its restaurants, along with Applebee’s and Uno’s in Chicago. I have had the pleasure of patronizing one of … [Read more...]