Subject Matters

Contemplating subject matters can often take me through an array of events and trending news; some of which are noteworthy and some…not so much, there’s no shortage of bad news on the air. Beginning with wildfires, California is having one of its wor … [Read more...]

The Days of Graffiti

Growing up in the 70’s was great; we were carefree and spent most of our time outdoors; nostalgic really. During that period, graffiti had set off an urban art movement…which was practiced on flat surfaces in public or private places for display. Wit … [Read more...]

Hotel Etiquette

Etiquette…it’s a code of polite behavior within social settings in a particular profession or group. Human behavior varies though, as it stems from our genetics and is influenced through our core values, ethics, culture and attitudes. Genes are def … [Read more...]

All about Travel Insurance

The travel season is upon us and people have already planned their trips near and far…but it’s easy to overlook those ‘what-ifs?’ when assuming all will go smoothly. Things can easily be overlooked…so what could possibly go wrong? Airports, train and, … [Read more...]

Memberships for Everything

Remember years ago paying for that gym membership? I recall trying to negotiate my annual membership at Vic Tanny (a popular gym), dating back to the 1980’s. Since then, memberships have become less complicated when signing up, paving the way for a v … [Read more...]

Medical Debts and Credit Reporting (What You Need to Know)

Health issues come in many forms of ailments…causing one to feel the emotional stress just compounds the problems , but it’s what comes afterwards that is challenging for most; the financial obligation of unpaid bills.  It almost seems as if those med … [Read more...]

Shrinking Packages on Store Shelves

A trip to the grocery store can be time consuming, especially if you’re comparing prices in order to cut back on your budget. However, when it comes to comparison…we aren’t the only ones cutting back. Products on store shelves have been shrinking for … [Read more...]

Game Shows and the Lack of Female Presence

I’m interested in this subject because I’m a huge fan of older game shows; in fact the channel I love to watch occasionally is Buzzr. This channel plays game shows from the 70’s to 80’s era, and I enjoy the laughter and the comradery these people had … [Read more...]

A Word about Food

Summer is here, so this means that many of us will plan outdoor festivities with food and drinks. Grocery shopping becomes a little challenging when we know that the food will be exposed to air for a period of time, so beginning with storing the food … [Read more...]

My Thoughts on Small Cars

Filling up your gas tank these days can be painful at the pump, but for those who own smaller vehicles…well, they don’t feel the sting quite as much. It’s true that smaller cars get better gas mileage, but the larger ones offer more comfort and comes … [Read more...]