Beaver Dam Eagles Soar into New Year

Summer has ended for the Eagles at Beaver Dam Elementary School. The flock gathered at the home nest to be warmly greeted by top eagle Mrs. Phyllis Leavitt and her crew. This will be the best year ever for the students and it began in an extreme … [Read more...]

AcKIDemic Spotlight Shines on Josselyn Hernandez

As the 2014-15 school year comes to a close, the Beaver Dam Elementary School Community honors Josselyn Hernandez as she stands in the AcKIDemic Spotlight.  Josselyn was chosen because she personifies what it means to be an excellent student and … [Read more...]

Beaver Dam Celebrates Spring Fling

The fifth annual “Spring Fling” celebration was held at Beaver Dam Elementary School on Thursday, May 7. In preparation for this event, each class learned a dance which was presented for parents. Afterwards everyone was treated to a sack lunch dinner … [Read more...]

Hard Hats and Students of the Month

The school year at Beaver Dam is winding down.  The eaglets are getting ready to spread their wings and fly into the summer sunshine!  However there is still time to honor some outstanding students who persevere in their good citizenship and academic … [Read more...]

Evelyn Santos Shines in AcKIDemic Spotlight

Fifth grade student Evelyn Santos has been selected to be honored in the AcKIDemic spotlight for the month of April by her fifth grade teacher Mrs. Wendy Dotson. Evelyn is an outstanding student at Beaver Dam Elementary School. She has attended the … [Read more...]

AcKIDemic Spotlight Shines on D.J. Gonzales

One fifth grade student is chosen each month to stand in the AcKIDemic Spotlight at Beaver Dam Elementary School.  Selected by fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Wendy Dotson, the student exemplifies excellent citizenship and academic achievement.  This month … [Read more...]

Awards at Beaver Dam Elementary School

As the school year winds down towards summer, there is a group of students who diligently stay on task and persevere to get their work done.  These are the Hard Hat workers at Beaver Dam Elementary School.  Teachers keep an “eagle eye” looking for tha … [Read more...]

Math Matters at Beaver Dam Elementary School

Standardized testing in schools is widely viewed as an evaluation tool for teacher competence or student ability.  The Beaver Dam Elementary School Community uses their test results to modify and drive instruction in order to assist students in … [Read more...]

Inspirational Speaker Hits Home Run at BDES

Brandon Lee White, motivational speaker extraordinaire, captivated the eaglets of Beaver Dam Elementary School on Wednesday, February 18.  Brandon is an eloquent orator whose message comes from the heart. Born with a speech defect, he was unable to … [Read more...]

Accelerated Reader Motivates Beaver Dam Students

When Goldilocks sat down to eat the porridge left by the Three Bears, she found one bowl too hot, one too cold, and one just right.  In similar fashion classroom students often find themselves with books that are too hard, too easy, or just right.  H … [Read more...]