VVWD awards Flat Top water tank contract

After a second round of bidding for construction of a replacement water tank at the base of Flat Top Mesa, the Virgin Valley Water District awarded the job to low bidder Paso Robles Construction at its Oct. 3 meeting. Paso Robles’ bid of $1.59 m … [Read more...]

Co-op proposal of effluent water price match slammed

The Virgin Valley Water District heard another side to the proposal for a golf course water co-op at its Sep. 19 meeting. Interest in such a co-op is a popular notion with many, seen as a means for finding a workable solution to future pricing of … [Read more...]

Board opts to purchase larger pump for well 27A

Looking to avoid a “penny-wise, pound foolish” decision, directors of the Virgin Valley Water Board opted to install a new motor and high-volume pump at recently drilled well 27A on Pioneer Boulevard. In approving the added cost of new equipment dur … [Read more...]

Water District deals with delays in projects and permits

Kevin Brown, district manager of the Virgin Valley Water District, had some bad news for the board at its July 18 meeting. As outlined in his update to the public, (Tearing Up the Town, Part Deux, MLN, July 6), the district has several ongoing … [Read more...]

Board Views System Development Charge Options

Looking to meet future water resource needs as the population of Virgin Valley increases, the Virgin Valley Water District(VVWD) Board of Directors viewed options presented by district financial manager Wes Smith at their meeting Tuesday, June 20. … [Read more...]

Water Board Moves to Replace Flat Top Tank and Correct Pressure Problems

With a full complement of capital construction projects slated in the coming year, the Virgin Valley Water District Board of Directors moved forward by authorizing Sunrise Engineering of Washington, UT, to provide engineering and construction … [Read more...]

2018 Budget approved as bill to curb VVWD authority

The Directors of the Virgin Valley Water District, in a 5-0 vote, unanimously approved a final budget for FY2018 on May 16. The 2018 budget calls for capital and operating expenses totaling $11 million. The VVWD budget will be submitted to the State … [Read more...]

Water Board views budget revenue options

The Virgin Valley Water District Board of Directors devoted most of its April 18 meeting to an information session on WaterWorth, a software that helps utilities evaluate revenues and expenses to model options for budget decision-making. The … [Read more...]

An evening of harmonious beauty

Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra performed its season finale April 8 at the CasaBlanca Showroom, Mesquite. Setting a smart pace with “Overtures and More,” by favorite composers from several musical periods, Conductor Selmer Spitzer led his mus … [Read more...]

Board OKs Tentative Budget

At its second budget meeting on Tuesday, April 4, the Virgin Valley Water District Board voted 3-0 (two absent) to accept a tentative budget that includes capital outlay of $10,785,000 and a 5 percent employee raise. Its formal budget for fiscal … [Read more...]