Key Republican Constituency Dying Off

In early December, it was reported that the American middle class, once 60% of the population, is now a minority.  On December 20th, watching Fareed Zacharia’s Global Public Square (GPS), I was shocked to hear a report by Nobel Laureate Economist … [Read more...]

Why America needs a VAT

A Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on value added all throughout the supply chain as products are brought to market. In practice it is used as a tariff on imports. The U.S. has pursued trade agreements that multilaterally reduce tariffs.  However, … [Read more...]

Nationalism or Globalism? We can’t have both.

Our nation was founded as a decentralized Republic with a focus on national sovereignty.  Most of our early national income was derived from tariffs on imports.  The Founding Fathers wrote language into the Constitution to guard against loss of this … [Read more...]

GOP Candidates on Jobs & the Economy

New information has come out of the Republican presidential campaign regarding their views on job and economic growth in America and Nevada. I agree with most Americans that there is no other issue more important than jobs and the economy.  Voters … [Read more...]

Biden Decides He Can’t Win

Some of our readers may be wondering why our column is titled “Jobs and Economy” when we write almost exclusively on federal tax policy, trade policy and international economics. When my editor similarly asked me if I could write more on local … [Read more...]

A Conflict Of Visions

In a previous column, Pat Buchanan reminded us that disbelievers in New World Order mythology have long recognized that nationalism is on the rise, led by Communist China. The globalists believed that China was the savior of the global economy, but, … [Read more...]

Social Unrest And Trade Policy

Those who know me know I make connections between many of America’s myriad problems and our trade deficit. Most Americans agree that a lack of well-paying jobs and economic despair leads to social unrest.  Our decades-old trade deficit has been … [Read more...]

The “Washington Cartel”

What is the Washington Cartel?  Who are they? What do they want? Senator Cruz has referred to a “Washington Cartel” on more than one occasion during this year’s Republican primary campaign.  I’m not exactly sure whom he includes in the group and … [Read more...]

China’s Recent Currency Devaluation Reveals US Trade Strategy Weakness

The Chinese government recently devalued their currency, the Yuan, multiple times in a couple of days in an effort to artificially cheapen its exports to the US and other nations. We have been writing about currency manipulation by China as a main … [Read more...]

Local Control or Centralized Power? You Choose

There has always been, and probably always will be, a tension between consolidating power at the top and decentralizing power to the people.  Imperial powers yearn to expand their idea of an improved, common order with ever larger borders.  Empire … [Read more...]