Mesquite gaining traction toward economic growth

I believe Mesquite is finally getting back on track towards becoming an economic growth city again. I doubt we will see the growth we had pre-recession, but that’s a good thing. This time we have the time and knowledge to carefully plan for our … [Read more...]

Rec Center is a hidden gem for city residents

As a resident of Mesquite, your Mayor and an active participant of the Mesquite City Recreation Center I am concerned when there are negative comments written about one of our facilities.  I am referring to the Just Sayin opinion written by an … [Read more...]

Incentives for Business

The State of Nevada through the Governor’s office of Economic Development offers a variety of incentives to help qualifying companies make the decision to do business in the state, including sales tax abatements on capital equipment purchases, sales … [Read more...]

Lets Talk Splash Pad

Even before the official opening of the newly constructed splash pad, the folks at a local blog are, per usual, finding fault with our local government, how we do business, how contracts are given out, the pioneer families, the Mormon Church, the … [Read more...]

Let’s talk About Gold Butte

The issue of Gold Butte is in the hands of the U. S. Government.  In fact, it always has been regardless of what has been said by Mr. Bundy or anyone else.  Mesquite’s contribution has been a series of resolutions offering support in some fashion for … [Read more...]