From the Mayor-Veteran’s Day Parade

I’m writing this column today, not just as the mayor, but also, as a proud veteran and citizen. I have been deeply involved with the Mesquite Veterans Day Parade for the past thirteen years. For the past few years it has become much more difficult to … [Read more...]

Veteran’s Day Parade

Would you like to participate in Mesquite’s premier parade of the year?  The Veterans Day Parade Committee is looking for any organization or business that wishes to honor our Veterans.  There is no entry fee and as long as you are not promoting any … [Read more...]

From the Mayor

In response to a front page article August 7,  in the Review Journal on Mesquite stating that the recent influx of people as new residents is altering the local ambience, I would like to make my comments regarding the story and set the record … [Read more...]

Setting the record straight on marijuana consumption

During the past few meetings of the Mesquite City Council, we have been visited by a small group of Mesquite citizens who are opposed to smoking in public places in the city, which in our case would be places that have gambling, but not the entry to … [Read more...]

From the Mayor

It appears that summer is in full swing as our temperatures rise daily. Traffic is down with the departure of the snowbirds and we can look forward to several months of hopefully, a peaceful season in Mesquite. I wish things were as peaceful on the … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor-Mayor Al Litman

At one time, Mesquite was on what I term, the sucker circuit. Just a bunch of country bumpkins waiting to be taken, or at least that’s what some outsiders thought. Sound harsh? I guess, but sadly, true. Well, in the case I’m writing about now, we … [Read more...]


Now that the elections are over and Prop 2 has passed, we as a city can move forward again without the uncertainty of who will get elected, what new laws will we have to live with and all the, “what ifs” that come with the uncertainty. I am proud … [Read more...]

Mayor’s Corner

I have had the opportunity to attend two candidate nights over the past several weeks and anticipate more in the near future. Many of the questions presented to the candidates had nothing to do with the office they already hold or seek. Of course, … [Read more...]

Take civic pride in community

Several years ago, during the height of the recession, Mesquite laid off numerous employees. None of them have been replaced. Are we existing without them? You could argue that we are. I would say yes we are. I would also say we are not in many … [Read more...]

Why Can’t Local Government in Nevada do More?

Mayor’s Corner by Al Litman [Editor note: Al Litman is a declared candidate for Mesquite Mayor in the 2016 general election.] The Constitution of the United States does not mention local governments. Instead, the Tenth Amendment reserved … [Read more...]