Mobs or Jobs?

This mid-term election is the vote that will determine the direction our country takes for the next generation. The forces of socialism are strong and are poised for a takeover. Capitalism is under assault, but luckily it has one very strong supporter in the White House. So the question is more or less government control, socialism or capitalism?

Some things government does need to control; such as defense, our borders and interstate commerce. Yet many believe the government needs to control more of our lives and the way we live. They also believe in redistributing the money people make, taking from those paying taxes and giving it to those who pay little or no taxes, thus creating a large group of people dependent on government handouts.

This group is made up of elitist who think they know better how the rest should live, those are dependent on government and most times labor union leaders. The elitist are usually globalists who do not believe in borders and many times are teachers at colleges and universities. Those dependent on government just want more and then more again. Union leaders just want more power and influence over government.

The other block is generally small business owners, gun owners and religious groups. They are busy living their own lives and usually do not get involved in political action. However, they are beginning to realize that the money for redistribution is their money. They generally just want to be left alone by government yet the constant demand for more money for government and the increasing number of regulations has become a wakeup call.

The election of Donald Trump is a good example of the waking up of those who usually do not vote or pay much attention to government. People who had not voted in years came out and supported an outsider who himself had become disgusted with the way government was being run. He gave up a billionaire life to try and change the way our country was going. Unfortunately, not many people will step out from the crowd anymore and you can see what it got him. Attacks from all sectors of government as people tried to protect their own little empires.

At these mid-terms the old power structure is trying for a comeback by undercutting his support in the legislature (What little he does have). How can someone run on more taxes, more business killing regulations and protecting   criminals? Or Open borders so that entry level positions are taken by outsiders. Mobs running the streets while police standby and watch. Physically attacking and harassing those who have different opinions and nothing happens to the attackers. Is this what we want for our country?

Rule by mob rather than by laws, as someone just said mobs or jobs? That is the question in this election whether we will let those people who have let jobs go overseas, almost destroyed our economy and let lawless people roam free. At first our own Senator Dean Heller was against Trump’s agenda but over time he has seen what has happened to our country and it was good so he changed his mind and supported the new direction, do you think his opponent will support that direction or go back to the old ways? The same goes for our other representatives to congress, if Republicans do not get in, its back to the old ways and who wants that?


  1. Terry Donnelly says:

    What on earth do you fear? Unemployment is down to a number that nearly equals the number of people who do not care to work. Capitalist corporations are making record profits. And, if this country were going to become socialist, it’s had plenty of chances, especially in the 1940s under FDR, and it didn’t happen then, so it isn’t about to happen today. Socialism isn’t poised for any takeover in the U.S. Republicans are “in” as you put it. The question doesn’t have to be zero sum as to socialism or capitalism. We’ve proven for years in the U.S. that the two can blend and function nicely as a hybrid economy, neither all one or the other. You seem to be arguing against the status quo which is Republican control of all three branches of government, even though there should only be two branches that are partisan. Republicans have managed to polarize the judiciary into political conservatism. I’d think you’d be joyous. If there are mobs out there running amok, unrestricted and unchallenged, it is Conservative lawmakers and enforcers allowing the lawlessness. They have control of the reins. I think you’ve made a fairly decent argument for folks to vote for Democrats in less than two weeks. If one is afraid or doesn’t like what is going on in a divided country, Democrats should get that vote. Thank you.

  2. Lisa Jenereaul says:

    Mike, I agree with most of your comments other than the Union bit as I was a Teamster, hubs was UAW, and most of my family including grandmothers were all union. But I look forward to your column and I for one am voting all Republican and no on everything. I was sick over what happened with that Supreme court nomination and what those Democratics tried to pull with both Dr. Ford and the newly appointed judge and this is what persuaded me to vote this way. Please comment in the near future about this invasion on our country by these migrant seekers I can’t wait to here your excellent views on this crisis! I personally think we should declare war on this invasion.

    • Mike Young says:

      I was only referring to union bosses not rank and file who don’t always vote as the union says. And it was a gross generalization as we know many, many union members vote as they see fit, not how the union leaders (High up) say. Az. peace officers just rebelled and forced the leaders to un-endorse candidate for Senator so sometimes the rank and file rules.

      • Lisa Jenereaul says:

        Yes you are right Mike, sorry I misread your letter and I believed I may have voted “off the grid” from the union as well. I enjoy your column thank you.

  3. David Petrillo says:

    If you tell the same lie enough times, people will start to believe it.

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