Letter to the Editor- Mayor Litman and former Caliente Mayor, Tommy Rowe

All Nevadans should make a point of reading the economic development platform that Adam Laxalt recently released as part of his campaign for Governor. But citizens in our rural communities in particular need to check it out. Adam has once again demonstrated that when it comes to understanding and meeting the challenges facing rural Nevada, he’s the only candidate in this race we can trust.

His platform calls for stopping tax hikes, rolling back regulations that prevent job growth, and maintaining an economic environment that would keep us the land of opportunity we’ve been for generations. We were especially pleased to see Adam emphasize the need to expand broadband access throughout our state, which is crucial if our rural communities are going to grow and thrive. And he’s committed to developing the skilled workforce our local employers need, by increasing access to Career and Technical Education and engaging our business communities with our education system in workforce training. Simply put, Adam’s platform makes it clear he understands the needs and challenges of Nevada’s rural communities.

— Mesquite Mayor Al Litman and former Caliente Mayor Tommy Rowe


  1. John Williams says:

    I am disappointed to see Mesquite Mayor Litman jumping into a hyper-partisan Governors race and especially to see him support Laxalt who, despite his current campaign promises has a record of opposing legislation aimed at increasing funding for education in Nevada.even when it was passed by his own Republican-controlled Legislature in 2015. Who are you gonna believe? Al, the Adam Laxalt whose ACTIONS show he is against adequate education funding…..or the empty promises of a campaign? Even fellow Republican Sandoval knows that Laxalt will try to roll back the advances in education funding that have been made. Laxalt also signed-on against Sandovals wishes to support a lawsuit trying to punish what the racists call Sanctuary Cities. Al, can you really support this anti-immigrant anti-education. pro-family-separation candidate? If so, you’re a different person than I thought you were.

    • Al Litman says:

      I vote the person, not the party. I am a registered non-partisan. I know both individuals, one personally, the other by observing his politics for many years. I strongly believe I support the person that will be the better of the two in administrating our state government. Even though Sandoval funded education better than those before him, our schools are a mess. That’s another conversation, however. Why is the marijuana money collected by the state not distributed to the schools? Ask Sandoval. By the way, I don’t believe Sandoval ever visited Mesquite before he was elected or after. The same can be said for Sisolak. It shows their lack of interest in the rural communities like Mesquite.

    • Rich Bowler says:

      You back in town? I’m ready for that lunch!

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