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Georgie Porgie Puddin’ Pie

As the old rhyme goes, “George kissed the girls and made them cry, when the girls came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away”.    If I had a son under the age of 40 this is what I would tell him to do: Run away.  Especially you moms of teenage boys going to homecoming or prom or just on a date.  Moms and dads, let’s just suppose your son takes a girl to Homecoming, and even though no one left the event location she alleges rape.  No one saw it happen, even adult chaperones.   But, she says it is true and your son is put through hell.  After months your son is finally cleared but now the whole town knows about it.   You would be roaring upset, right?  One word, Kavanaugh.   The Constitution of the United states is being attacked by Left-Wing Liberals.  Men are now guilty until proven innocent even if there is not one report, one person, one iota of evidence.  A woman can now call up a major newspaper and accuse a man of rape or assault and without any evidence that man’s name is out in the public.   Pay attention, close attention.  What your son does now could land him in a world of hurt 30 years from now when he is a doctor, teacher or lawyer.   I am a survivor of sexual assault.  I believe all women who have been victims should come forward.  But, the #MeToo Movement is being weaponized by the Democrats against Judge Kavanaugh causing it to morph into something late night talk show hosts and comedians use in their monologs and jokes.


Carly Toutant


  1. Lizzy Jones says:

    Really?! Yes, boys can be wrongfully accused but how about the years and years that girls and women were never, ever believed? There needs to be a balance somehow but boys and men also need to understand the consequences of their actions – finally.

  2. Beth Fletcher says:

    Sorry you had to go through that but did you report it right away or believe no one would believe you if you did report it. Were you a naïve 15 year old that was scared to death? Maybe Dr Ford didn’t report it cause she wanted to use it to stop this man from becoming a Supreme Court Judge. Come on people do you realize what you are saying. Now there are probably more women and men who are sexually abused that will not report it cause people will think it isn’t true and laugh at them like the political rally in MS. Did they laugh at you when you reported it? There are a lot of sick people in this world but that was the worse I have ever seen.

    • David Petrillo says:

      You are so right. Watching that rally made me sick. The people in the background behind Trump who were laughing should all be identified and held up to ridicule. They are truly deplorable people. Who laughs at a woman who was sexually attacked? I guess the Trumpers do.

      • Sid Lawrence says:

        Kavanaugh will be a good addition to SCOTUS. His accuser is proven to be false therefore there is no merit to your statement (accusation).

  3. Amy Marshall says:

    I am ashamed of us as a nation when we resort to victim shaming. This is why women never come forward. If you’ve raised your son to be respectful, then you shouldn’t be worried. When it happened to me I was 17. I never told ANYONE. The guy was a local athlete in my hometown in SoCal, our parents were good friends, and I knew it would be a bad idea to tell. Either they wouldn’t believe me, or my dad would have killed the guy. The kicker? He dumped me the next day, and bitched that I bled on his sheets. This happened in the 70’s, and I guarantee if he did it to me, he did it to others, and NONE of us came forward. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat problem. It’s a human thing. Get off of the partisan political thing. My problem with Kavanaugh is that he lied under oath–maybe not about that, but come on–anyone over the age of 21 knows what the ‘Devil’s Triangle’ is, just as an example, and it is NOT a drinking game. Lying under oath should have immediately disqualified him.

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