Letter to the editor-Dudrow

“We missed seeing representation from the City Council and city of Mesquite at the Friends of Gold Butte Visitor Center/Office opening on Thursday evening. We were pleased that over 60 people attended the opening and ribbon cutting. In addition, we were honored with certificates of Congressional recognition from Senator Cortez Masto and Representative Ruben Kihuen. Our new office is a place where visitors and residents can find information about Gold Butte and Mesquite and other surrounding areas. We invite you to stop by sometime. Our office is open from 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday, and is located right across the street from City Hall at 12 W. Mesquite Blvd., Ste. 106.”


Steve Dudrow


  1. Dianna Slater says:

    Sad to see that no one from the current City Council made it.

  2. David Petrillo says:

    The lack of representatives from city hall is no surprise. For some unexplained reason, they think that having a national monument next door is not a good thing. I have attended city council meetings where the council has expressed negative comments about Gold Butte and even passed a resolution to reduce the size of the monument. Cliven Bundy’ and his buddies have too much influence on our Mayor and City Council.

    • Mayor Al Litman says:

      I was invited to cut the ribbon but was on vacation away from Mesquite. As mayor, I have attended every ceremony but the very few when I am not in Mesquite. It is impossible to be at everything..I cannot speak for anyother city person.

    • No One has an influence on me. I was out of town on vacation when the ribbon cutting took place. Gold Butte folks were fully aware I could not attend.

    • Steve Clutterham says:

      David Petrillo, do you have to show your ass-ets at every possible opportunity? Since you hate our city council so much, and hate gaming in this city so much, why the heck is your name not on the ballot to be either a council person or the mayor? Oh yeah, because then you would have to actually do something other than belly ache all the time.

      • David Petrillo says:

        You are in violation of the rules regarding comments. Your personal attack is childish. Please make your comments relevant to the article.

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          As of Jan. 1, 2017 All comments on the web site must contain real names and email addresses.  We will no longer accept anonymous posts. All email addresses and names will be verified before comments are approved. We appreciate and encourage all comments and opinions on our web site but you will be held accountable for your words and your real name will be published.

          We reserve the right not to publish comments that contain, inappropriate language, insults and name calling.

        • Lisa Jenereaul says:

          David P. I re-read the original letter posted that states: we missed seeing representation at the opening..period… No where in that article was the Bundy family brought up or what you are implying Corrupted influence by the Bundy’s over our city council and our beloved Mayor but yet you are throwing out this phrase to other commentators such as “your in violation” “stick to the facts”, that is getting old real fast. You do not work for the paper only the MLN can make that call’ and Steven C. did NOT violate any rule! You might want to think before you start accusing the Bundy family and our city council of illegal activities as it might come back to ” bite you”. David, you just appear to be so angry all the time…maybe you need a pet!

  3. David Ballweg says:

    In response to Mr Petrillo: I make every attempt as a City Councilmen and a Member of the Chamber Board of Directors to attend ribbon cuttings. Unfortunately, I had a prior commitment as a Canyon Crest HOA Board member to preside over a homeowners meeting. I did attend FOGB’s previous meeting to solicit comments on the NM use. The subject of the City Resolution you referenced was concerning protection of the VVWD water rights access to the Nickel Creek area. That area was never historically included in the NCA / Wilderness area but was include in the NM proclamation. The resolution request it be removed from the boundaries for the reason to preserve much needed water rights for the Virgin Valley. The VVWD is in negotiations to have BLM agree to an MOU to govern secure right of way to develop the water resource. It has nothing to do with any outside influence. David Ballweg

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