Search Warrants Lead to Additional Criminal Charges on Joseph Daut

Mesquite Police Detectives have executed search warrants on both a home and a business as part of the Mesquite Police Department’s ongoing investigation into Joseph Daut, who is currently in custody from an incident on July 25, where he had shot multiple rounds from a high powered rifle at Mesquite Police Officers from inside of his home.

On August 3, Mesquite Police Detectives searched Daut’s residence located on Arrowhead Ln.  Detectives located 4.5 ounces of liquid PCP, also known as “angel dust”, as well as multiple drug paraphernalia items.

Detectives also searched Daut’s business, Virgin Valley Vapor, located on Sandhill Blvd in Mesquite Nevada.  Inside they found approximately six pounds of marijuana, edibles, and other marijuana type products pre-packaged for sales.

Stemming from the search warrants, Joseph Daut will have further criminal charges filed including multiple felony counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell as well as misdemeanor charges for possession of drug paraphernalia.

This investigation is still active, further information may be released as it becomes available.


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  1. Steve Clutterham says:

    Good job MPD. Let’s keep this criminal element off the street and out of the illegal drug trafficking business. Close down his business for good since it is obviously just a front for his illegal activities.

  2. Sheryl Webster says:

    I do not believe Joe had Drugs in his business!
    If Drugs were found there you should investigate Tyan the manager! This is BS Joe was a good man and had spent very little time at his store in the past several weeks before the arrest! Or they were planted there!

    • Dave Tracy says:

      Hey, How ever good he was, He’s was wrong firing at a Police Officer, if He’s not guilty of having in or on him anything drugs, He should have just surrendered to the police. Shooting at police or anyone without being harmed is a felony and jail time.

    • Jan Sullivan says:

      Joe is a good man with an addiction problem and possibly more. He had been unraveling lately and that was at least some of the reason he had not been in the store much — although we were in there a week before the incident and Joe was there. Joe is also a neighbor and our neighborhood was on lockdown through the incident. We spoke to the victim whose door was kicked in (another neighbor) and learned about another side of Joe. There is more to the story, but please do not throw Ryan or anyone else who worked there under the bus until you know the facts. All of his employees were concerned about Joe and his state of mind in recent weeks.

    • Lisa Jenereaul says:

      Oh my Sheryl please be careful about accusing others on planting drugs and let our fine police department do their job. If several of you noticed some behavior problems with Joe, you could have reported this to the police dept. earlier as he was a business owner in Mesquite, remember If you see something, say something. This situation could have easily been deadly with our police and local citizens, and you say Joe is a “nice guy?” nice guys don’t fire shots at the police, sorry, he belongs right where he is and he will have to face what’s coming to him.

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