School day beginnings in Beaver Dam Jr./Sr. High

By Gregory Johnston, Beaver Dam Jr./Sr. High School

Beaver Dam High School is now back into the full swing of things.  Schedules are set, students are learning, and activities are enriching the school community.

Jimena Gutierrez Zittlalys Gonzalez

This year has seen a great deal of change for BDHS, with new Principal/Superintendent Darlene McCauley continuing Littlefield Unified SD’s growth towards excellence.  Ms. McCauley comes to the District from Winslow, Arizona, where her leadership made her school one of the top performers in the state for its size and demographics.

El Lexii, Kynnedie, Azzario, Jose

Sports teams are working hard under dedicated, new coaches.  The Interact and Photo Club have already had meetings and the Beaver Dam Student Council has decorated the school, assisted with the opening of school activities and run assemblies for both the High School and the Elementary.

Homecoming if fast approaching, and Student Council is organizing the school for decorations, a Carnival at the Elementary School on Tuesday, September 18, a parade on Wednesday, September 19, Football and Volleyball games on Friday, September 21, and culminating in the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, September 22.

students from the Elementary Opening Assembly that BDHS StuCo members put on

students from the Elementary Opening Assembly that BDHS StuCo members put on








Every year, Beaver Dam High School does more, gets better and provides a great, caring community for students.

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