Parallel Worlds?

Listening to the news on different stations it seems there is a parallel universe. Some stations feature a woman of what we used to call “of easy virtue” who was blackmailing the potential candidate for President. This is a woman who in the past would have been charged with crimes and put in jail. Additionally, $130,000 is too high a price for that low kind of merchandise.

It is sad when a man makes a mistake and has to payoff to try and keep the information from his family. Does it have any bearing on doing his job today? Many think not as most of our past Presidents have been womanizers. Running a country is a little different from managing one’s personal relationships.

Other channels show the unemployment numbers and the treaty re-negotiations that put more Americans to work. It’s true that some would still want unfair trade agreements that put workers to work in other countries. Years ago there was a candidate for President that said he could hear the sucking sound with NAFTA as the jobs were sucked out of our country.

Two worlds, one focusing on hookers and blackmail and one or two focused on accomplishments. Unfortunately about 90% of the coverage on a few news sources is anti-President and doesn’t seem to notice the incredible change in our economy and the pace in which things are improving. Some want our leader to insult leaders of other countries; this does not usually lead to a good outcome. For some this is a great outcome because they can sell more war machines and armaments.

There are a few companies who make tons of money when wars occur. Think about it, war is good business and if we make peace they lose. If we think about how much money we have spent on wars in faraway places where some might question why we are even there, where ever there is. We can imagine what life would be like without wars. Money stays at home and makes life better for Americans.

Some news outlets want us to insult countries and their leaders so tensions would rise and we could spend more money keeping troops overseas. One example is Korea, where we have 28,500 troops and all their equipment. Yes, Korea pays about half the 1.4 billion but much of that money is spent by troops in Korea. But think about it Germany, 4 billion, and Japan, 2 billion as well as over 100 other bases throughout the world. Those numbers only reflect direct cost not salaries to the troops which is usually spent locally. That money would be better spent at home.

These parallel universes are the dilemma of our time. Vote for increased tensions or for a relaxed world where we bring our troops home because of reduced tensions. One side is giving us more jobs and a better standard of living, the other more conflict and spending in other countries plus sending our jobs to other countries. One side is the siren song of socialism, the other the song of Capitalism, the system that has made America the richest county in the history of the world.


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  1. David Petrillo says:

    Mike has things mixed up again. Liberals have always been anti war. As a liberal, I would applaud loud and clear if we could bring all our troops home from Korea, Germany, and any other place in the world where we have no business being. If we had listened to the true liberals in the late 1950’s, we would never have had a war in Vietnam. That war was a complete waste of lives and tax dollars. And the Iraq War was another huge mistake by a GOP president.

    He forgets that NAFTA was Reagan’s idea. It passed only because of the GOP votes. I was living in Detroit at the time and the auto unions were outraged that it passed. I guess they were right. And Mike conveniently forgets that his party has spent millions of dollars to weaken trade unions. That is one of the main reasons that our middle class has been disappearing. However, his president has not a clue about the global economy. Just remember, every action has a thousand reactions. Raise wages in Mexico and our cars will cost much more. Stop trading with China and Walmart goes out of business.

    Nice try Mike. Your president is still an embarrassment to our country. It is tiring having to apologize every time I travel out of the country and converse with the locals. 2020 can not get here fast enough. His disgusting behavior towards John McCain says it all. He is a complete coward. Correct me if I am wrong but he has not yet visited the troops in any war zone. Can you imagine him lasting more than five minutes in the military? Again, a huge coward. He will not give a speech unless it is in front of his wacko supporters. He is afraid to throw out the first pitch at the start of the baseball season because people might boo him. He is so brave!

    • Steve Clutterham says:

      I’ve been absent awhile David Petrillo, good to see you’re just as wacky and uninformed as ever. Donald Trump has no clue about global economy? That’s hysterical. I would guess he has owned more businesses both in the U.S. and internationally than ALL of the president’s preceding him. He definitely has more business and negotiating experience than any one of them.
      Be careful what you wish for, because 2020 is right around the corner. And believe me, for you it will just be more bad news on the doorstep. You do not have to apologize for him every time you go out of the country, just stay there and lead all the meek as they realize they are not yet inheriting the earth. Sorry buddy, but the presidential candidate with no balls, lost the race. Even she was never a good enough liar to blind the righteous people of America.

      • lisa Jenereaul says:

        I to have been away Steve and oh yes David P has been at it again as he thinks “he is the nation’s and Mesquites go to guy”, why according to David the locals in OTHER COUNTRIES!!! just flock to him for the correct information, oh brother David your a legion in your mind. I voted for Mr. Trump because I am sick of career politicians and someone needed to be in that office to run it like a business point blank, and who better than one of the greatest business owners of our time. Do you know why Clinton did not get my vote? I did not want Bill Clinton again in the White house with fresh new “pages” or little Monica’s running around. David you talk about President Trump being an embarrassing figure, oh dirty Bill did it in the oval office while he was President! Although I really didn’t care for President Obama, I still respected his title as our leader and I prayed that no assassin would attempt to kill him. And NAFTA, while it was an idea of Reagan’s yes, oh Bill your buddy signed it into law before he bolted office and Michigan’s auto industry suffered tremendously. Geez I think I voted for Ross P. but ole creepy Clinton snuck in again. I really like David’s comments on those old white boys in the 60s and old white boys in the 50s….blah blah ..David, aren’t you in your mid 70s? And while I’m at it, get some different words other that “wacko” and “rhetoric” and learn to respect the President office of the United States!!! It’s Donald Trump!

        • David Petrillo says:

          Greatest business owner? He is the only one I know of that could not make a profit from a casino. Without laundered Russian money, his business empire would not exist. Why do you think he is so nice to Putin? They have a boatload of damaging info on our wonderful President. Just wait.

          • lisa Jenereaul says:

            David, you just remind me of a 12 year old..”just wait!” “I can’t wait until 2020!” “oh boy it can’t come fast enough!” Wow! slow down there old man your wishing your remaining life expectancy away. First, Donald Trump is considered to be successful because he sticks to the core of his business..Real estate, second, to build businesses you must fail your way to the top, third, I wasn’t talking about his casinos in AC I was referring to his towers, golf courses, high rises and his name Trump. John McCain was Republican and you wouldn’t have voted for him either way, would have like to been a fly on your wall listening to everything negative you said about him or Palin. Was that comment you are referring to unnecessary? Yes, it was but we all move on. No one said President Trump is a polished speaker like Obama was and he is not a lawyer, a governor, a senator but David he holds the highest office in the USA. And now my question is this? What information do you hold about Russia and President Trump? I’m very sure someone from the Intelligence office would like your input or that information that you claim you know about the leader of this country and Putin. David, you really need to chill out and breathe and go on those many vacations you’re always bragging about and while your gone we all will rent out your sun city home to 5 different family’s from worn torn countries!

      • David Petrillo says:

        You and Ms. Lisa are in violation of the rules of commenting on this website. I find it appalling that you use derogatory and personal attacks on me and anyone else who has a different opinion from your own. My opinions are mine alone and are worth just as much as your opinions. Instead of wasting space calling me names and demeaning me, why not use your energy to discuss the issues.

        • Lisa Jenereaul says:

          David, I suggest that you go back and re-read every comment that you have ever made from the smoking ban to the current opinion from Mike Young. What in my reply did I call you anything derogatory as you personally have attacked most of the fine residents and businesses in Mesquite? Please quit calling our President Mr. Bone spurs now that’s disrespectful. If I or Steve would have been in violation like you have been called out for in the past, Ms. Teri N wouldn’t have published our comments. Yes your opinions are yours but I believe fellow commentators have lost a great deal of respect for your views especially when you disrespected Mr. Gregory Lee and called our casinos ” sleazy”. We all understand that you seem unhappy here in Mesquite just by the past statements you have made, why don’t you do something to improve this town or world for that matter instead of focusing on all that’s wrong with it?

  2. Charles E Ratliff says:

    Well said Mike, many, many feel as you.

  3. Terry Donnelly says:

    Mike, In your haste to make a point, you conflated working in the sex business with prostitution. Living in Nevada, I’d think you had it sorted out. Yes, Ms. Clifford and Ms. McDougal work/ed in a lucrative business that caters to American interest in sex, but they are not prostitutes. Making films and posing for a magazine, no matter what you are wearing or how your legs are arranged, is not a crime. The encounters with Mr. Trump were consensual and the money was not paid for a service, rather silence as you suggest in paragraph two. That isn’t illegal either unless it is done to deceive voters and campaign money is used. We’ll have to see about that. It is still undetermined. I’m not sure why you are sad or even concerned about how a family handles their indiscretions. That is not our business–until it is done to influence our votes.

    • Steve Clutterham says:

      Terry Donnelly, do you honestly think she was just so attracted to Trump that she just had to have him? Really? If you think he didn’t pay her for her services at the time, you truly are delusional. And if you think he was the only one to do it, I promise you that you are wrong. Tell me something, why is it illegal to pay a woman to have sex with you, but if you have someone film it and make a movie out of it, it’s perfectly legal? And what business is it of ours what he did, before or after the election?

    • Mike Young says:

      Terry – sorry I don’t know what conflated means but I think they got paid for their services one way or the other and if they admitted they took money or gifts in any state but Nevada they would have been arrested. Then they wanted extra money, so they wouldn’t tell the world and his family. I don’t know about you, but that is blackmail to me and I think it is against the law. The sex workers here in Nevada at least are honest about what they do. Do you think Porn actresses get paid for sex? I’ll bet if they said no, they would not get paid. The only crime here is blackmail and I think many people would pay them off if they had the money and it was his money anyway. Do you think his voters would back away, well they didn’t because it all came out before the election in an attempt to smear him. He is a street fighter and that is what we need.

  4. Patrick Ryan says:

    Sir, do yourself a favor and look at the charts showing the rise in the stock market since the bottom in 2009. You will find that the market has been continually rising since that time and Trump did not create the upward trend. You can also check the unemployment rate since then and find that it has been improving since that time.

    The parallel universe has a man as President who has been married three times and cheated on each of those wives. He lies repeatedly, castigates others with uncivil nastiness that is unacceptable in society, cheated businesses/workers out of their rightful earnings, and conspired to cover up trysts. Even if he were responsible for a better economy, it’s not worth the price of having a bad person as President. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his sole?”

    • Mike Young says:

      Patrick – we did not elect a saint, we elected a street fighter. I do not care what he does in the bedroom, only what he does for Americans at home and worldwide. His personal life is his. Some may have many wives, some one, some none, not my business or yours. Yes the market did recover from 2009 somewhat until 2014. From that time until Trump was elected the market was essentially flat. Very few will depute that Trump has done a lot for America’s economy and business. Peace and prosperity is what we have and I love it don’t you?.
      You might not like his “uncivil nastiness” that is unacceptable in your part of society but is quite common in other parts of society. I’ll bet you did not work in the construction industry. Thank God, the judgement on where he is a bad person and will lose his sole does not rest with you, if it did, I think most of us might not make it. On the other side of it, there might be a million or more, people that have a job now that might think differently then you, but it is not their job to judge ether. If you don’t think America is in a better place then it was a few years ago, vote to go back to the socialists’ way.

      • David Petrillo says:

        I hope you watched the funeral today of a true American hero. Respect is earned and your President has not earned it since he has no respect for the values that make America great. He is a small man who has no clue on how to be a great leader. He is the first President that I have zero respect for. Meghan McCain said it all today. Fortunately only 40% agree with Mr. Bone Spurs.

    • Steve Clutterham says:

      Patrick Ryan, are you really so naïve as to believe Obama or ANY other president of America or any other country did not have any extra marital affairs? In most countries, women are provided to whoever the “leader” is and no one questions it. I’m not saying it’s right but it is a fact none the less. JFK is thought to be one of the most endeared presidents ever, and we all know of his many affairs. He had Marilyn Monroe and other women in the white house, and nobody questioned it for a minute.. So did Eisenhower and Bill Clinton. Get over your Trump Derangement Syndrome now, you’ve got 6 more years of it to go.

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