No more ICE

No more ICE is the cry from the left. So let’s not send any illegals back from where they came from. Let them overwhelm our schools, social systems and our medical facilities. They come from south of the border and have almost no skills so they need to be fully supported. Many of these people wave their home countries flag and really don’t want to be Americans, they want to change America into something like where they lived.

Today, most of these people come from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, countries currently poorly run and riddled with crime. When they come to a port of entry and they claim that they are seeking asylum, they are not arrested, they are just processed, let go with their children into America and given a court date which they usually don’t bother to show for. Those that come through holes in our border security, when caught, are arrested and confined. Some come with children which they claim are theirs but that is questionable. Some say we are obligated to accept everybody, but crime or poor government is not a reason to grant asylum. It is a reason to stay and work to clean things up.

Yes, people feel sorry for some of these people but coming here to take advantage of our country’s resources and living off other people’s work is not right. They know that if they cross the border they get free food, housing and medical. In their home country they have to work for those things. Here they don’t have to work and they usually don’t. This is far different than the migrant worker who worked in the fields and sent the money home and then went back to his family or the person who works and intend to live here and start a new life.

Our forefathers had things rough and worked hard to build a better life for their children. From rebellion against the British to winning the west things were tough. The great depression and the wars, all tried our soul but the people overcame obstacles and made America great and now many want to join the party without paying admission.

The builders of our country did not work to support other people’s children unless they were neighbors, fellow church members or somehow related. Yet we are very generous people, we help all over the world more than any other country does. But that generosity is our decision. These illegals are stealing our money and resources without our invitation. Some say it is our duty to help, but if someone wants to help, those people should give the immigrants their money and their time. Those people who want to support other causes or just their own families should have the right to say where their money goes.

Saying that we have always welcomed people is true but in limited numbers, too many overwhelm local abilities to assimilate newcomers into the community. Sometimes that takes time and work but it is far better than immigrants setting up their own community’s and legal system.

Anyone who comes to this country should have a sponsor who guarantees that that person will not become a burden on the state and that’s where our American liberals should stand up and be counted. No sponsor no ticket. Then the liberals can have a cause and instead of demonstrating against a force that is protecting us they can show their generosity and help people.


  1. carly toutant says:

    Well Said, Mike. These illegals who are making the news intentionally crossed the border to make a political statement. They USED children to gain asylum. There is a mother with her daughter who have been pictured in the news as asylum seekers. One problem, The woman has been deported before. Her husband said she wanted the life in the United States she got used to so she took just one of their kids with her so she would get in. Despicable! On another front, Just visit Hamtramck, Michigan how their city was taken
    over by Muslims who are changing even the economy. Their City Council has Muslim members who are biased and voting their religion and laws.

    • Al Smith says:

      It’s worse in Michigan than that Carly there are NO GO ZONES in the good ol’ USA
      just one example there are many more..


      • David Petrillo says:

        Pure crap! I lived in Dearborn for several years and there are no “no go” zones. Most of the mid eastern population are Christians. Do your homework before you make ignorant comments.

        • Al Smith says:

          So I’m a lair.
          Careful now Dave your getting into dangerous places when you refute the truth.

    • David Petrillo says:

      My comment yesterday did not make it into the comment section. Again, your comments about Hamtramck are totally untrue. I lived near Hamtramck most of my life and it has always been an immigrant community. It was a Polish community for many years. The first generation Poles spoke Polish and read local Polish language newspapers. I went to school with a lot of second and third generation Poles. Most only knew enough Polish language to talk to their grandparents. The first generation Poles never fully assimilated due to the language barrier. Today the Polish community has di d out or moved away. Hamtramck now has mainly immigrants from Iraq and Syria. They are hard working and are not biased at all. They are on the city council but the last I heard a Polish woman was the mayor. They are involved with big issues like where to put parking meters meters and what to have at the July 4th celebration. No sharia law. Please do your homework before you make false comments.

  2. Cindy Banks says:

    Perfect response to the do good liberals who pretend to care. The make a big fuss about the children and ignore that we have 2.5 million children in foster care. And I would guess that these liberals aren’t the ones lifting a finger. Keep up good work and let’s restore America to a nation of immigrants not invaders.

  3. Terry Donnelly says:

    Please get better acquainted with the law. The sponsor requirement is and was a requirement for the million who come through the immigration channels each year, and there is much more involved. The refugees are a completely different story. Yep, there are a lot of them, but that goes along with the extreme fear and need of asylum at this point. There are no preconceived limits on refugees because we never know when and how many will need our help. The Immigration and Nationality Act, The United Nations Refugee Treaty (67 votes in the Senate), and the Fourteenth Amendment are the laws we use in accepting refugees seeking asylum–they do not require a sponsor. But, they do require that we take them in and grant them due process within the law. What you are arguing is illegal.
    You say they were not invited, well, they were. The Founding Fathers invited them, Emma Lazarus put it in writing, and we slapped it on the base of the Statue of Liberty.
    I’m glad I don’t live under the cloud that shades you. You make the worst possible assumptions without knowing any/many of the seekers. They are not as you describe. They are the best people those Central American countries have to offer because they are the ones being abused and decide to flee the mayhem. Fewer than one percent are proven to have criminal intent or are criminals. That is why I, personally as a Democrat, do not want ICE disbanded. There is a small faction that advocates for that, but certainly not a majority. If you think it is a “cry from the left”, you are not listening. ICE should be able to handle that less than one percent and leave the others to seek safety and happiness in a strong and generous country.

    • mike young says:

      Terry as you know the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1951 was passed after World War II to allow Jews and others to escape persecution and had nothing to do with people just wanting to move. Plus, I don’t think any of these people are Jews. The 14th amendment gives states the right to protect their citizens and doesn’t address illegals because illegals are under the jurisdiction of ICE. The fact that a pro-immigration poet wrote something on a statue does not mean that is the law of the land. It is a great verse but it is not the law.These people are stealing the legacy of our forefathers and our parents left for us. If you want to give your legacy away that is O.K. but not mine,I want it to go to our kids

      • David Petrillo says:

        You want to keep your legacy? A legacy of discrimination against anyone who is different from you. A legacy of slavery and anti black actions like Jim Crow laws. A legacy of the KKK and cross burnings. A legacy of phony patriotism and pro war as long as you do not have to fight. Guess what, your so called legacy is gone forever. Our country is and will continue to be more diverse. You and your alt right types can not stop it. You can build a thousand walls and it will do nothing. Fortunately, your type is dying out and soon our country will be led by true patriots, not the fake tea party types.

  4. Al Smith says:

    Very Nice Mike
    Thank You as a Legal Immigrant.
    This caught my attention in your LTE and I have been thinking about it for a long time.

    “Some say we are obligated to accept everybody, but crime or poor government is not a reason to grant asylum. It is a reason to stay and work to clean things up.”

    I would use a different word than “work” in that statement but that’s just me.
    I support ICE and what they do as long as it doesn’t become another swat team in every situation.

    The bigger question in my mind is how in the world did there become so many Refugees? All of a sudden…
    Not just from South America but the Middle East and Africa? Has anyone thought about that? I would like a conversion on that and your opinion.
    Thanks Again.

  5. Dave Tracy says:

    I agree with all that was said, When I applied to get my wife’s Brother to come to the USA from Philippines, I had to sign a doc that said I was responseable and that he could not apply for SSI or Medicaid. But how can an illegal come to this country and get on food stamps and free medical care and when someone comes here legal he has to have a Sponsor. Something is wrong with our system and needs to be fixed, when Illegals have more rights then a citizen who pays taxes and has to use his Taxpayer money to support these illegals. Enough is enough and when you protest with your flag in our Country, you should be deported immediately.

  6. Steve Clutterham says:

    Good job Mike, I agree 100%. David, as usual you disagree with anything someone say, even when they show the proof. If you think Michigan is so wonderful, why aren’t you still there? I would be happy to come and help you pack, it’s the neighborly thing to do.

    • David Petrillo says:

      I go back several times a year. Dearborn is a great city. It used to be governed by Mayor Orvil Hubbard back in the 50’s and 60’s. He started the slogan “Keep Dearborn Clean” which everyone knew meant “no blacks in Dearborn”. He would have loved the “MAGA” slogan since it means the same thing. I read recently that groups from other states are coming to Dearborn to protest against Sharia law and Muslims. The city does a terrific job in letting these groups protest while keeping the peace. The city has great mid eastern restaurants and bakeries. It is a very friendly town. Steve, there is no proof about what was said about Hamtramck or Dearborn since it untrue. People in the Detroit area think people like you are nuts. Get off your duff and go visit to see for yourself. You will be amazed that people actually live together in friendship.

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