Mesquite Citizens’ Initiative for Clean Indoor Air

Statement regarding withdrawal of citizens’ petition for clean indoor air protections in Mesquite:

The Mesquite Citizens’ Initiative for Clean Indoor Air today regretfully withdraws its petition to place a local clean indoor air ordinance on the November 2018 election ballot.

The decision to withdraw the petition results from a district court ruling issued this week regarding a preliminary injunction filed by Mesquite Gaming LLC and Rancho Mesquite Casino Inc.

Members of the initiative ballot committee are very disappointed they cannot move ahead with the petition and bring this important public health matter before Mesquite voters at this time.

The committee will provide a more detailed statement in the coming days.


  1. Steve Clutterham says:

    YEA! Perhaps next they will go about it honestly.

  2. Deb Sullivan says:

    this should be allowed to brought before the voters. I don’t like going into a casino and coming out with my hair and clothes smelling like cigarette smoke…or breathing the second hand smoke from inconsiderate smokers sitting next to me. Dirty ashtrays stink. No other way to put it. Vote on this.

    • Jan Nelson says:

      I have never smoked and don’t like coming home from a casino smelling like a dirty chimney. HOWEVER it is MY choice as it is yours, Deb. IF you feel that strongly about having to endure all that smoke, putting up with “rude smokers” then YOU need to go to a non smoking venue. There are plenty in the area. It’s Your choice; no one is forcing you to go to any venue where smoking is allowed.

    • David Petrillo says:

      Just saw a billboard in Reno for a local casino that claimed it had the largest non smoking area of any casino in Reno. Some companies are ahead of the flow while the local casinos in Mesquite are stuck in the 50’s.

      • Al Smith says:

        David ,
        Please post the name of that place so we can do some research sir.
        BTW, I just saw a UFO hovering over Peggy Sue’s

  3. Miriam Samuels says:

    I also detest smelling smoke and reeking of it when I get home from a casino. If Nevada passed a law prohibiting all indoor smoking at places of business, I would be ecstatic. Jeopardizing the livelihoods of the casinos in only one city is not the way to go.

  4. Al Smith says:

    The Mesquite Citizen’s Initiative for Clean Indoor Air Ballot Committee have lost what little if any credibility in Mesquite they had. Lying to the people to ram your agenda down their throat is not a good idea in this day and age. Just ask Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi where “We have to pass the healthcare bill to find out what’s in it” got them. It would be nice to know what the court ruling this week was that made you withdraw.

  5. Al Smith says:

    For ALL the people that go to casino’s that don’t like inconsiderate, second hand smoke, smelling like smoke or dirty ashtrays please consider seeking some help. It seems your gambling addiction far out weigh your concerns for your health and that is serious. Ask at any security booth at any casino and they will point you to a support group.

    • David Petrillo says:

      Great idea! I do not understand people who love throwing their money away. There are worthy charities that could use that money. Why make Sheldon Adelson even richer? Our local casinos are owned by people who are only concerned by how much money they can suck out of people who can least afford it. In the five years I have lived in Mesquite, I have not seen any upgrades to the local casinos. All the money they steal from their customers goes straight into their pockets. Great guys – not!

      • Al Smith says:

        You are truely wrong on so many levels it is embarasing you posted that.
        First off the Eureka is 100% Employee owned as you have been told many times before, let that sink in this time. Did you not witness the major renovation of the Virgin Rivers parking lots and the addtion of a event tent. Competition between casinos in Mesquite is intence Dave and that drives upgrades. The Upgrades you can SEE at the Eureka are newly remodled restrooms (still in progress) but most you would not see. The Eureka Hotel fourth floor just got done with a total renovation and the third floor is next and very soon all the way down to the lobby. Kitchens are always being upgraded not to mention just plain old repair. David you haven’t a clue. BTW Sir did you see the artical in the paper about the resent 12 hour standoff in our fine city and who shelled out free rooms to those evacuated people in need. What about the making of The Rising Star Ranch? I could go on Dave but I see no point, you just don’t know what it takes to keep a bussiness running.

        Thanks for your comment

        • David Petrillo says:

          You obviously spend way too much time and money in our casinos. I stand by what I said. Our city would be much better off without having to depend on casino revenue.

  6. Al Smith says:

    Crickets…… on the court ruling from “The Mesquite Citizen’s Initiative for Clean Indoor Air Ballot Committee” and gambling addicted people that don’t care about their health ….
    ODD to say the least.
    Was such a heated topic a minute ago.
    Maybe Barbara or one of the other fine journalist from MLN would like to post the courts decision if it was different from the injunction. Inquiring minds would like to know.

    • Barbara Ellestad says:

      Mr Smith and all,
      I do not know about any other court decision other than the injunction on which I reported.
      If one becomes available I will report on it. However, I don’t expect any further action in the court since the Committee pulled its ballot petition request.
      Barbara Ellestad
      Mesquite Local News reporter

  7. fran armstrong says:

    Mr. Petrillo..We all know by now that you do not like or approve of casinos and gambling. That is the theme of all your comments. Why in the world did you choose Nevada as a place to live? Could it be that you enjoy the same things about Nevada that others do? The casinos provide the life-style in Nevada. They are contributing income for the state and for Mesquite. This enables you to live in Nevada and pay no state taxes on your income, taxes on groceries, and enjoy reasonable property taxes. The casinos are also major contributors to charities, and support our local charities. The casinos bring tourists to town and those tourists contribute to other businesses in Mesquite. Didn’t you know gambling is the major industry in Nevada?

    You continue to pull your “facts” out of thin air. You stated that in the five years you have lived here, there have been no improvements made on casino properties. Those evil casino executives are stuffing the money into their pockets. Obviously, in those five years, you have not visited any of our casinos. The Eureka has totally renovated their buffet as well as their café. The Virgin has not only renovated their dining areas, they have installed new carpeting, opened Uno Pizza, re-paved the parking areas and added an events tent. The tent was used recently to hold their One Hero At A Time event. The admission was $20, all monies collected to be given to a Veteran in need. Obviously you were not there. Why not? the tent is smoke free. The Casa has installed new carpeting, has re-done rooms, purchased new machines, re-floored the eating areas. I am sure there are many renovations I do not know about. Mr. Petrillo, you did not know of one.

    Your agenda is doing all you can to undermine the casinos. It is a personal issue with you for whatever reason. You do not care about the economic impact on Mesquite should our casinos fail. We already had two close. Like it or not, we need our casinos. Next time you write, please tell the truth and try hard to state facts only. Deception is the reason the initiative did not appear on the ballot.

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